How to do Padadhirasana (Breath Balancing Pose)

Steps to do Padadhirasana

  1. Sit in vajrasana. Cross the arms in front of the chest, placing the hands under the opposite armpit with the thumbs pointing upwards. Press the palms firmly under the armpit.
  2. Close your eyes and follow the rhythm of the breathing. Practice for at least 10 minutes or if possible, extended period of time. This pose further prepares you for pranayam.
  3. This pose is very helpful in case your one or both nostrils are blocked or partially blocked. The pressure you put under armpit works to open your nostrils to facilitate the pranayam.
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Variation 1:

For more effect make a fist and place it under the armpit and put some pressure.

Variation 2: Yoga Danda (Balancing Stick)

Yoga danda is a T shaped stick used to aid in meditation. The vertical part stay on the ground and horizontal part hold the armpit for a longer period if time. This way your hands dont get tired and you can practice any meditation pose for a longer period of time and with increased focus.

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