How to See Gochar

Gochar means moving planet. People are always curious to know how to see or understand the Gochar in terms of their own kundli. For example, in lagna kundli planets are fixed at the time of your birth; but in actual planets are always moving and never stopped. So if you have Jupiter in 2nd house in your lagna kundli, it does not mean it will always be in the 2nd house, it is possible that now Jupiter is in the 7th house as per the Gochar and will act as marak.

Gochar is checked to answer the questions related to ‘when’ i.e. time. For example, if someone wants to know the timing of marriage for a girl then one has to check the movement of Jupiter in the Gochar and running mahadasha, if mahadasha is favoring then marriage will happen when Jupiter will either aspect or placed in the 7th house. This is just a raw example to make you understand how Gochar actually works.

How to identify Gochar according to your kundli, let’s take an example:

Here is an example kundli:

example kundli

As you can see in the above image: it is the Gemini lagna kundli with all the planets in it.

As you can see in the lagna kundli Saturn is in the Saggitarius. Now lets say as per today Gochar Jupiter is in the Saggitarius, so we will write Jupiter in the Saggitarius.

Further as you can see in the lagna kundli, Jupiter is in the Libra. Now lets say as per today Gochar Venus is in the Libra, so we will write Venus in the Libra.

This way we will write the planets as they are featuring in the respective zodiacs as per current Gochar. So now we will have the Gochar kundli look like this:


Now you can see, Gochar kundli is always different as compared to lagna kundli. We use the Gochar kundli to discuss the running/coming matters of the life and when they will happen.

So for example, you want to discuss something where Jupiter will play an important role in Gochar, then you know that as per Gochar Jupiter is in the Saggitarius with Rahu, and predict accordingly.

Gautam Trehan

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