Hrithik Roshan Birth Chart


Date of Birth: Thursday, January 10, 1974
Time of Birth: 12:00:00
Place of Birth: Mumbai
Longitude: 72 E 50
Latitude: 18 N 58
Time Zone: 5.5

Hrithik Roshan Birth Chart details shows that he is born in Pisces lagna; Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu is his functional malefic planets. Mars & Moon is in self house. Jupiter is debilitated in 11th house.

Mars – Lord of 2nd & 9th House and Karak for 3rd and 6th house:

Mars for Pisces ascendant works like yogakaraka. His Mars is svagrihi (in its own home) in 2nd house at a strong degree, hence features of 2nd house will get highly benefited. 2nd house represents eyes, he has great looking eyes. 2nd house describes the financial matters, way you will earn money. He was born in a wealthy family and has tremendous wealth himself. 2nd house also represents organs such as nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes are represented by second house means overall face structure is represented by 2nd house. He has extremely well structured face and is considered Greek God due to his good looks. Strong Mars make him muscular, sporty, and adventurous and gives good confidence. You can read the Mars features here.

Karak planet of 3rd house Mars is strong which will compensate for the weakness of Jupiter. He will have good sibling, good education, courage, physical strength, initiative and entrepreneurial nature, writing and communicative capability etc.  Jupiter is also aspecting the 7th house but weak, so he may not be able to contribute towards marital happiness.

His 6th lord Sun is placed in the 10th house. 6th & 10th both are upachaya house so this combination is good for getting wishes done. However, his Sun is functional malefic and weak at 26.07 degree & 6th house is natural malicious house, Sun would not be of much support here. There may be professional enmity in his career.

Sun is his functional malefic, Mercury is also very close to Sun at 26.41 degree and not contributing much to 10th house significations. Rahu is also playing functional malefic. Malefic Sun, Rahu and combust Mercury may take time to produce desired results in his career.

These planets are together aspecting the 4th house where Saturn and Ketu, both are functional malefic, is sitting. Saturn is the lord of 12th house (malefic) which again contributes to the continuance of marriage. Saturn is also aspecting the 6th house of Sun. Venus although well placed in 11th house is functional malefic and 8th lord (again continuation of marriage), overall his marriage significations are weak in long term that is why he was divorced.

Moon – Lord of 5th House and Karak for 4th House:

Moon is generally welcome in the fifth house with native getting fame, fortune, romance and good children. 5th house is Sun’s house and Jupiter is also considered for 5th house, so Sun and Jupiter strength is important for 5th house. Both planet are friends to Moon so native is happy and intelligent. Moon in the 5th house may also suggest romantic nature and a love marriage (he had a love marriage). Moon in 5th house may give 1st child as girl. Since Moon represent emotional tide within, native needs to be very careful in the matters of speculation and speculative gains such as stock market, gambling etc.

His Moon is well placed at 20.53 degree in 5th house, and Jupiter is also aspecting 5th house with full 7th aspect, he will have good kids.

As Moon represents mother and 5th house intelligence, it also suggests he will be very fond of his mother and his mother is very intelligent lady.

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction:

Although his Jupiter is debilitated at 22.58 degree aspecting 3rd, 5th, and 7th house and sitting with malefic Venus.

Jupiter-Venus conjunction said to be the most auspicious conjunction in the chart provided both the planets are functional benefic and placement is not afflicted. Both planets are considered benefic in nature and both are royal planets in astrology for knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, love, beauty, and wealth. You can see the real conjunction in the Sky as it happened in 2017 here:

He has probably got the best placement for this conjunction in the 11th house of income, wealth, social circle, and professional association. Jupiter makes him wise, intelligent, and well informed whereas Venus gives him romance, beauty, creative bent (acting) and both the planets give him tremendous wealth. Venus gives him beautiful wife. Together both the planet make the native attractive too. This conjunction is in the house of Saturn which is again good as Saturn does not have any enmity with Jupiter and already friend of Venus. From here this conjunction is also aspecting the 5th house of progeny which gives him lovely and intelligent children.

These native are very warm and generous in their relationships and try to keep everyone around happy, genuinely warm and friendly nature. They do whatever they can to make those around them feel comfortable. They have got good heart for sure! At the same time such people are very unpredictable in their way of thinking due to contrast nature of two planets at some time Jupiter make him philosophical and spiritual on the other side Venus give him kick to materialistic achievement. They are rare mix of these two different sides. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case, it’s enlarging the qualities of Venus: romance, relationship, pleasure, and money.

However, the only problem here is Venus is his functional malefic planet and Jupiter is debilitated in the Capricorn making this conjunction weak in nature. It suggests some trouble from the partner side which will also affect the children. It also suggests and extravagant kind of lifestyle, some trouble from the social circle.

Saturn-Ketu Conjunction in 4th House:

This is one of the very stressful conjunction in his chart. Two malefics Shani-Ketu in the soft 4th house is not good at all and it will affect the family, family life and other 4th house significances. It affects performance of social roles and duties. As per Barbara Pijan “When Shani is involved with Ketu there is a sort of yo-yo effect wherein the native bounces between (1) materialism and social duty versus (2) spiritualism and witness perspective of detached awareness. This inconsistency of perspective and mixed approach to social duty may produce a confusing narrative of personality. The native is sometimes conventional and sometimes eccentric.”

Gautam Trehan

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