Jupiter in different Houses

Jupiter is one most positive and powerful planet. Jupiter is preceptor of Gods and Lord of Sky. Jupiter is the giant planet in astrology. Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ of Gods. Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods-Zeus. Jupiter is termed as ‘Fortuner’. If well placed in horoscope, he bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck. It is said, even if other planets are ill posited, if Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart, he will enjoy the last minute assistance to tide over the difficult time. It is important to know how Jupiter in different houses perform.

Before judging the Jupiter in different houses, we should consider the following points:

1) Jupiter expands the results of the house where it sits.
2) Jupiter enhances the results where it aspects i.e. 5th, 7th and 9th from its placement.
3) Jupiter is karaka of 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses and karaka destroys the result if placed in its karaka house .

There are certain other complications in regards to the placement of Jupiter. According to certain renowned astrologers:

‘‘स्थान हानि करो जीवा’’ के सिद्धांत के आधार पर गुरु शुभ व सबल होने पर भी, जिस स्थान में बैठता है उस स्थान की हानि करता है। परंतु जिन स्थानों पर दृष्टि डालता है उन स्थानों को बलवान बनाता है। सप्तम स्थान प्रमुख रूप से वैवाहिक जीवन का भाव माना गया है। सामान्यतः सप्तम भावस्थ गुरु को अशुभ फलप्रद कहा जाता है। पुरूष राशियों में होने पर जातक का अपने जीवन साथी से मतभेद की स्थिति बनती है। वहीं स्त्री राशियों में होने पर जीवन साथी से अलगाव की स्थति ला देता है।

Let’s have a look on Jupiter in different Houses.

Jupiter in 1st House:

Jupiter in 1st house definitely sounds logically good placement – most auspicious planet in the most auspicious house of self. The ascendant represents the physical appearance (body & body parts) and character & attitude of the person. Jupiter can make the person charming, good looking depending on which sign it is in. For example in Aries sign person will have a beautiful face as Aries rules head, face, brain, eyes. Jupiter is planet of fortune in the social and commercial world. Jupiter is planet of religion, morality. Jupiter feature will make the person optimistic, jovial, generous, sincere and amicable. Jupiter here also promises for some high position such as, bankers, judges, doctors, lawyers, professors, preachers, government officers or some high class business man.

These people believe in charity very much giving away wealth for doing good for others. They are very learned and multi-talented. Carla Bruni Sarkozy is one such personality who is famous fashion model, singer-songwriter, and life-partner of France-Pres Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, Jupiter is bulky planet famous for obesity, eating disorder, gastric and related diseases too, person will have tendency towards obesity and breathing related complaints. Person will be prone to diseases as blood impurity, laziness, liver complaints, excessive vitality, varies according to the rashi.

They are blessed with good progeny.

Being the planet of luck, it gets you out in difficult situations which can give over-confidence and arrogance as the few situations that luck will not support might bring a catastrophe!

Jupiter in 2nd House:

Jupiter is a great placement in Second House if it is not afflicted. Second House is the house of education, looks, wealth, family, etc. Jupiter in Second House guarantees healthy savings and loving family. From here Jupiter aspect the 6th, 8th, and 10th house of career. Aspect on Career House boosts the career and chances of government jobs or other jobs rise dramatically. 2nd house belongs to speech, native would be an articulate speaker and sound advisor to others. There are career chances of being a singer, poet, writer, astrologer, speaker, scientist etc. Malefic effect or aspect will create some problem in career, savings and family life. They generally avoid frictions and quarrels. Native may have second marriage later in life.

2nd house belongs to food, native may be very fond of food and need to take care of over-eating and weight gain issue an issue that natives with Jupiter in the 2nd house should guard of keeping themselves restrained and taming their appetite. There may be sugar-connected diseases such as diabetes. Also, over speaking will make them enemies too, family or society may criticize and oppose them.

Respect is very important for these people. Jupiter expand, in this case natives with such a placement are prone to spend extra or money may come and go without any track in some cases, most of the time they spend after a lot of thought process. Money keep appearing from here and there and this happens. They are born optimists. 2nd Jupiter loves to spend on higher education and travel which help them to be more informed and skilled.

Jupiter in 3rd House:

Third House is the house of communication and siblings. Third House karak is Mars which is a friend of Jupiter. So Jupiter does well in this house aspecting very important 7th, 9th & 11th house provided it is not afflicted. Aspect on 7th house is good for partnership in business and marriage especially if it is owned by friendly planets. 9th house aspect is very good for higher education, foreign travel & spirituality. Here Guru is aspecting the Guru house, native will find a Guru in his life who will further elevate him in life. Another best aspect is on the income & social house of 11th, native will have multiple source of income, good friends, & social circle; he will like to arrange gatherings of friends and family; and is in turn well-liked by them.

This placement will make native over-idealistic which is not good for more useful and necessary practical details in matters of commercial business. Guru-3 can sabotage practical business operations due to its confusion with principles over facts or products. Although this is an excellent placement for group/team managers as 3rd house represents co-workers.

It may ensure a lot of generous, open-minded younger sibling. 3rd house promotes writing and creative things, Jupiter imagination & knowledge may prove dream combination for public speaking, writing, and publishing. Jupiter is a great placement in third house and aspects are far more beneficial only if it is malefic free such as Rahu, Ketu or Saturn.

Jupiter in 4th House:

Jupiter in Fourth House is generally a very good placement. Jupiter in fourth house is in house of his friend Moon. From here Jupiter aspects 10th, 8th, and 12th house. Aspect on the house of career is definitely productive and helpful. It boosts the career provides chance to work in education department as lecturer or teacher, as a diplomat, as religious head or even in research department. This placement definitely gives a loving and caring mother. This placement is also good from education point of view and native will have a great appetite for education. If Jupiter happens to be lord of 9th house then it would do wonders to fortune and education. The aspect on 8th house of inheritance is good for inheritance via previous good karma. Aspect on 12th house is good for research and creative writing, 12th house provides liberation from circle of life and death and Jupiter is highly spiritual planet; this may take the native closer to Moksha.

A person with 4th house Jupiter is philosophical, spiritual, learned and happy. Parents will be very protective with a supportive home environment. Jupiter is multiplier, 4th Jupiter multiplies the number of properties, vehicles and other real estates. It is said that this placement shows that native has learned good lessons in a previous life and have thereby earned this reward of placement of great wealth, good children, and home.

Jupiter in 5th House:

This is creative genius kind of placement as it is 3rd from 3rd this placement will promote creative, unique writing activities. This is good placement for success in politics, speculation, entertainment, and writing industry. Native will be fond of lot of children as it is 11th-from-7th, gain through spouse and partners. However, if there are other planets in bhava-5 along with Jupiter, the prediction for children changes accordingly. However, it is said that 5th Jupiter block or reduce the progeny unless it receives aspect or have a relationship with other favorable planets which help produce children and 5th lord is strong in the chart. Children may come into life via other fulfilling channels, including adoption, step-children, and other forms of sponsorship. Presence of Saturn, Rahu or Mars like planets may further complicate the situation. Children will be obedient.

Here Jupiter will make you spiritually oriented, a follower of religious observances, sacred writings, and interested in life after death. Jupiter inspires and urges the individual to be religious, respectable, friendly and helpful such as priests and wise men. Native will be a scholar and excellent in linguistics, economics, philosophy etc. which suggests a good possibility to become teacher or lecturer.

It also suggests gain and success through opposite sex. The love life will be also very active – he will be a flirt, fell in love frequently, and change a lot of partners depending on how much fun he has with the person. 5th Jupiter gives good gambling skills and short terms gains, however, native should try to stay away from it. This placement is one of the best a person can have if joy is a priority in his life.

However, by the theory of “Karaka Bhava Nashaya” Jupiter occupying the 5th house “blemishes” one’s children (the individual may not have any, or may be troubled through or by them).

Jupiter in 6th House:

Sixth House isn’t the best placement for Jupiter like auspicious planet in the house disease and debt. Jupiter will lose most of his charisma here. However, from here it aspects 12th, 10th, & 2nd house. Aspect on the career house and savings house is good.

Jupiter promotes obesity, laziness, indigestion, flatulence and multiplicity of health problems due to over-indulgence in food. There are high chances of native becoming slow and obese unless he exercises regularly or unless there are planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun or Ketu in Ascendant or co-tenants with Jupiter. Overall native’s health issues will be very frequent due to which he may frequently visit doctors and take good number of medication. This will further enhance his knowledge of medical science and he may be able to help others.

Jupiter gives positive results even in negative conditions. Sixth House rules service area and Jupiter also asepcts 10th house, so it is good for native’s employment as a lecturer, consultant, politician, or even as a diplomat. Aspect on 2nd house may give good savings, aspect on 12th house will create chances for foreign travel. 6th Jupiter may cause divorce from 1st marriage as it is 12th from the 7th so married life may be difficult and there will be conflicts in contractual relationship. It may also give enmity with the people.

This is why it is an excellent placement for physicians, pharmacists, divorce attorneys, criminal advocates, loan-makers etc. Sixth House is definitely not the best place for Jupiter but it is manageable with some strict self-discipline of bad habits.

Jupiter in 7th House:

Jupiter means expansion and multiplicity. Jupiter sounds good in this prominent marriage house but marriage maybe late or broken as there may be multiple marriages, however, marriage partner will be of good character, kind, and beautiful. Native may seek a marriage partner who is compatible with his ideas and philosophy of life due to Jupiter wisdom effect. Marriage partner may be a foreign person, or someone from a completely different background and wealthy too. Legalities (7th house) work may appeal to native which makes him good lawyer. Native may also enjoy providing guidance related matters to others, this could also include business consultant. Native will have some connections with foreign and foreigners.

From here Jupiter will aspect 1st, 11th, and 3rd house. Jupiter’s aspect on 11th house of regular income is the best. Regular income via multiple resources are ensured, also native has a huge circle of friends, good networking skills and contacts to get work done. This proposition is good for agreements and business partnerships.

Jupiter’s aspect on 1st house gives a positive attitude and good looks. At the same time it also promotes obesity and laziness. The aspect on 3rd house is good for workplace. Native will be highly educated and have good financial gain through spouse and other business partnerships. Spouse will be learned devoted to her husband.

Jupiter in 8th House:

8th house deals with features like death and despair, Jupiter like planet isn’t all that comfortable in this house. Still it will help the native in the matters of taxes, inheritance, back-office work and diplomacy. Good qualities of Jupiter like abundance, fortune and luck is very limited in the dark and mysterious house of Saturn. Native may have to work a harder for little gains. On the positive side, Jupiter gives good inheritance, occult knowledge like astrology, government jobs of diplomacy. Native is good at uncovering secrets which could indicate success in police work, research etc. Native could suffer from diseases of intestine and some surgery is possible. There is possibility of extra-marital affairs with widows. There could be unexpected divorce or death of partner, shock and trauma, forced separations. Native may feel sick most of the times, will have longevity but impaired health. It suggests peaceful and natural death. There is also possibility of Imprisonment. Person will be sexually inclined and will try to satisfy the same as and when get the chance.

From here Jupiter will aspect the 12th, 2nd, and 4th house. Jupiter’s aspect on 2nd house gives a calculative and refined speech along with potential for investment and saving. Aspect on 12th house gives foreign travels related to spirituality like monasteries. Aspect on 4th house grants peace and prosperity at home along with profits from agriculture and real estate. Native will visit different pilgrim places.

Jupiter in 9th House:

This is one of the best placement as Jupiter is dharma and fortune planet and so is 9th house, moreover, Jupiter is the lord of this house. It suggests that in previous birth native has done very good karma. This is the only house where Jupiter and 9th house both are significator of the same features i.e. religion, fortune, higher education and long distance travels. Native is highly qualified such as Masters or Doctorate degree, highly religious and spiritual.

Form here, Jupiter auspicious, expansive, permissive aspect on the 1st house, 3rd, and 5th house which is a dream aspect so it proves how this placement is a dream placement. 1st house gives good looks & character, on the downside it also gives obesity and laziness, aspect on 3rd house blesses native with helpful and supportive siblings, good neighbors, make him good with meetings, media and public relations, aspect on 5th house gives native good education, progeny, and success in stock markets. Native’s career may be any field related to high qualifying posts such as professor, priest, preacher, lawyer, diplomat, advisor, CEO, writer, linguistic etc. Native will be very frequently visiting the foreign places for lectures, seminars, religious activities as well as for higher education.

These natives are big thinkers, highly charitable, compassionate with positive dreams for the world, Angelina Jolie is one such example with Jupiter in 9th house. However, 9th Jupiter also make a case for karako bhavo nasho means too much of a good thing which is not good sometimes. Person may be highly arrogant at times, real father may not be around to take care, and native may be too much attracted to material achievement, recognition.

However, by the theory of “Karaka Bhava Nashaya” (https://netchanting.com/karaka-bhava-nashaya-astrology-principle/) 9th Jupiter can be over religious, over spiritual, boastful or overconfidence of their knowledge or abilities.

Jupiter in 10th House:

Jupiter in 10th house is comfortable. From here Jupiter aspect the 2nd house of saving, 4th house of family, and 6th house. Aspect on 2nd house is the best for healthy savings and loving family. Aspect on 4th house gives a loving and caring mother, good basic & primary education, and good family life with accumulation of lands and properties. 6th house aspect is good for win over rivals, gives good and loyal employees. Of course obesity and related disease are possible. Jupiter also gives them spiritual and religious touch.

Career wise roles related to lecturer, teacher, or something in education may be best suited, he can also try something in politics, spirituality and religion, they are high officials in government, can be a good counselor, an ethical professor, an astrologer. 10th Jupiter represents a well-known and generally respected public figure. May however expect some problems from other government agencies. At the same time native will have good friends and social circle. Native will perform good deeds, gain through spouse, social life, and business. Money may come through different resources.

Overall a good placement if not the best. Jupiter is also karaka planet for 10th house, however, it is the least difficult condition of “Karaka Bhava Nashaya”.

Jupiter in 11th House:

11th house belongs to Jupiter as Jupiter is the karaka of the house so theory of “Karaka Bhava Nashaya” also applies here. Also, this is house of Saturn and Jupiter is little constrained here, however, Jupiter and Saturn do not have any such immediate enmity. From here Jupiter aspect 7th house which is the best part assuring happy married life, and business partnership. Aspect on 3rd house will give a positive mental attitude, loving siblings and he will gain from them, good relationship with neighbors; aspect on 5th house will help with popularity, intelligence and healthy, obedient and successful children, gain via investments in stock markets.

11th Jupiter native is handsome, skilled, healthy, and strong. He is long lived.

11th Jupiter will give strong and loyal friends, exceptional networking skills to get any work done, multiple source of income and gains, growth and expansion of social life. According to B. V. Raman Jupiter in 11th house is definitely a great position for overall gains in life, and fulfillment of desires, even in debilitation it could give favorable results via aspects.

Jupiter in 12th House:

Jupiter is not comfortable here as it is house of losses, house of bondage & prison, although it is its own house. From material point of view, it is not good, however, from spiritual point of view it can provide Moksha. 12th house feature will expand such as sleep, native may love to sleep a lot and due to this sleep he will dream/imagine a lot some time intuitively. Jupiter gives chance to travel and settle in foreign countries. These foreign travel may be associated with spiritual awakening. Bad Jupiter associated with Saturn may give prison sentence, depression, hospitalization etc. Native may also involve in illegitimate sex relationship (12th house bedroom practices). These relationships often involve periods of foreign residence. Native will be fond of bed plesures.

From here, Jupiter aspects the 4th, 6th and 8th house. Aspect on 4th house gives a favorable home environment, a caring mother, investment in real-estate, livestock, farming, good vehicles etc. 6th house aspect can promote obesity, however, from service point of view it is good as it gives good job and good co-workers. Aspect on 8th house provides chance to invest in mutual funds, native may be able to get good inheritance. Native is afraid/victim of theft, he should stay away from illegal activities, drugs and alcohol. It could lead to prison sentences.

Jupiter means wisdom, spiritually it is good to connection with higher self.

Jupiter is critical planet for any chart, now you know the good and bad of Jupiter in different houses, you can take remedial measures. Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is the gemstone for Jupiter.

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