Ketu in 10th House Effect – Good or Bad

As per Bepin Behari (Indian Vedic astrologer and noted authority on Jyotish) –

“These people are an idealist, though an unhappy one and uninterested in life.”

Ketu is a planet of liberation and freedom-from the action items of the house it sits in. It will give very unsettled and confused approach towards career. These people are not very social. It is not easy to understand these people. These people prefer to stay alone most of the time and do not have many friends. These people may never like a fixed position or conventional 9 to 5 job even if it is elite and high paying. They do not like and follow the corporate authority structure. These people rarely work as government official.

10th house primarily belongs to profession/career – your karmasthana which provides the means of livelihood. It is one of the Upachaya houses representing growth & advancement. 10th Ketu make them Lord of their own will and gives a tendency to resist control by others and they constantly do it. This feature makes it very difficult for a person to grow in any profession as one has to learn to obey orders of seniors.

These people are born genius, very intelligent, knowledgeable and know insight of the situation. However, very few people will recognize this ability or may disagree with them most of the time. Circumstances may not give them the opportunity to rise in their career.

Ketu in 10th rarely finds job satisfaction. These people go through a lot of job change in their entire career as they cannot stick at one place for a long time due to Ketu effect of disconnection and limitlessness.

However, it does not at all mean that Ketu-10 harms the career impact the income. It is just that these people prefer to be a freelancer, do their own work or find a similar way to avoid corporate structure of working. They prefer independent income rather than a fixed salary.

10th house belongs to Saturn which means Ketu is in the Saturn house. Placement of Saturn will also matter while studying the Ketu effect in 10th house. While studying the effect of Ketu one must check the conjunction and aspect of 10th house in the chart. Also, condition of 7th house from bhavat bhavam principal.

10th house is a father house, Ketu here means disconnect or detachment from father or he may be living elsewhere. There will be lack of paternal happiness and support through parents. These people have good psychic abilities and they are good in research, occultism & mysticism. If Ketu is positive in the 10th house, it gives successful career, status and wealth in life.

Ketu-10 is an excellent placement for astrologer, occultist, philosopher, and mystic. Whatever be the effect of Ketu-10 as per overall planetary placement, it makes the person spiritual for sure.

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