Ketu in 11th House Effect – Good or Bad

11th house is upachaya house of growth and profit. 11th house in astrology represents aspirations related to higher education, business, litigation, or job. This is also house of friend circle or social circle, famous & successful people etc.

Ketu sitting here means the feature of this house is going to be affected. There will be opportunities but lot of obstacles as well. As we know Ketu is malefic but very intelligent, highly intuitive and philosopher planet. These people are creative talents i.e. singer, dancer, actor, writer, poet etc. This is not considered favorable placement for business as there are chances of cheating, but definitely good for service people, entertainers and politicians. With its wisdom Ketu 11 person may also take spiritual path then also he may become celebrity preacher with millions of followers.

With Ketu 11 success will not at all come easily and it will come very late. Initially, there will be lot of disappointments. Native will find hard time coping with financial stability in early age. He will have irresponsible behavior toward earnings and will have very little attachment to material things. 11th house is house of speculation also; such person should not invest in the share market or do any kind of financial activity which requires speculative skills. It is sure going to fail. Rather seek the help of some expert.

This person carries mostly neutral attitude towards everybody in the friends or social community. Since he is neutral he can be leader of masses, public. He may be famous in public because there is no sense of attachment. However, he will have severe disappointments from his blood relatives.

Ketu in 11th house gives unreliable or cheating friends who may be a cause of illegal things or scandal or they may dump the native when he is in need of assistance. Friends and other group members take undue advantage of the native. Friends will quickly come and go without any bond of friendship. It makes the person detached from friend circle. Native will rarely find a true friend who will stick in every circumstance. 11th house represents elder siblings so there are fair chances native will be disconnected from elder siblings. This person is basically a loner or self centered.

Outcome depends almost entirely upon planet sitting with Ketu and lord of the 11th house. Ketu 11 means Rahu is in 5th house, Rahu-Ketu 5/11 axis is considered miraculous and person can be very popular personality socially. If this placement happens to be favorable in the chart, it may bring fortune to the native. Malefic planet in upachaya house shows improved results as the native grows older. Whatever good will come it will come after middle age.

Narendra Modi birth chart is one good example of Ketu 11.

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