Ketu in 12th House

Ketu is a very capable planet to give extreme spirituality if it is placed so, like in this case. Mother Teresa is one brilliant example for Ketu-12. 12th house is considered a bad house. It is the house of mysteries, losses and commotion. Ketu here is considered a good placement or less problematic placement unless there is malefic influence. Ketu-12 is good for freedom from rebirth i.e. liberation. You have achieved the possible highest goal set for a human being; you are free from all karma and need not to come again into this world.

Rahu and Ketu are mysterious planets. Their methods are not conventional and so are their results. These are not fully comprehensible planets as their results are mysterious and sudden. They show results after a maturity period so they are generally active during your middle age or you can say their results are more understandable after 40. Ketu is planet of dispersal, disengagement, dissatisfaction, disconnect, disassociation detachment, kind of not interested at all for any feature of the house. 12th house itself is house of loss (detachment). In this case planet of detachment is sitting in the house of detachment….you can imagine what should be results like?

Native’s marriage will have trouble and it may end in divorce as continuity of marriage (12th house) is afflicted or person may have an extramarital affair. It is not possible for this person to remain in committed relationship. There could be problem from mothers’ relatives. The twelfth house is also associated with the sleeping, dreaming, sex etc. Ketu here can cause insomnia, nightmares, sexual dysfunction, strange dreams, visions which may cause restless sleep. Native’s death may happen in mysterious unexplainable circumstances. Ketu will show its prime effect in the mahadasha (great period) and native will experience a spiritual journey in this period. Person can even leave the home and stay in ashram, search for spiritual community or go to long distant travels to gain spiritual wisdom.

These people are competent enough to gain material success but they do not feel attached to it. However, this placement makes a person spiritual. Material life will not be the aim of his life. Person likes humanitarian or charitable work helping others actually in need. These people spend more time and energy towards serving good causes such as doing social or charities work in a hospital, nursing home, dormitory, a sanctuary, a monastery, an old age home etc. These people have special affection and care for elderly people and people who would like to disconnect from the outer world. After the age of 60, native will be totally dedicated to divine sacrificing everything.

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