Ketu in the 2nd House – Good or Bad

Financial matters, possessions, family, fortune, speech, continuance of married life, way you will earn money and material goods, male child, higher education, second marriage, speech are represented by second house.Creative activities such as writing, poetry, and singing can be seen in this house. 2nd house is a marak house. Ketu in bhava-2 is not bad for wealth. One may acquire wealth via profession, marriage, secret connections of Rahu-8, or other methods.

However, native will feel disinterested towards wealth. It is not good placement from family point of view and native will not be interested in his family and may leave the family in some fashion. For example, live abroad or take up travelling job. It will scatter the finance and disperses the family. He may have great wealth, he will be not attracted to it and will be confused about using it, have no idea on how to use enjoy, invest, or spend it. He may even donate, surrender or give away the accumulated wealth. If Ketu is not strong, person may feel the heat of finances. Person will be respectful to the family tradition but may not follow it due to Ketu detachment effect.

These people are very unconventional regarding the protocols. They don’t follow the conventional marriage protocols, and simply live in a convenient mutual partnership. First marriage probably will not work and one may have very little motivation or direct interest in a remarriage and one may feel it is not practical anymore due to emotional disconnection. These people are often very creative but very confused when it comes to their action, speech, behavior, and choice. 2nd house is connected to family life, it suggests somehow incomplete family life or disinterest in family life.

Ketu mahadasha may bother them a lot upto the extent of hopelessness.



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