Ketu in the 3rd House – Good or Bad

3rd house deals with siblings, colleagues, primary and secondary education, and communication etc. It also discusses short trips, courage, physical strength, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, writing etc. Planets in this house may also responsible for the loss of property, loss of mental peace.

Ketu in the 3rd house is not good towards the siblings. Ketu-3 signifies distant and disconnected relationship with younger siblings. There is disconnection from the siblings socially or emotionally. These people have few friends among siblings, teammates, co-workers, neighbors. Ketu-3 can be associated with mental depression, fear, anxiety, worry, instability, and loss of peace of mind. They feel very disconnected from the plans, schedules, or routines.

Rahu is obsession about the features and events of the house where it sits because you did not experience plenty of those in your past life so crave for it now. Ketu is casual, ignorant, apathetic about the features and events of the house where it sits because you already had plenty of those things in the past and don’t want anymore.

Ketu makes the person detached from processing the thoughts. Thus creates a lot of confusion, contradictory thoughts in the mind. These natives are very confused/indecisive about business decisions and management related work as they are unable to make up their mind. They may sound very insensible or illogical in their group communication as their thoughts are scattered and people will not understand what they are trying to say. They have no excitement in the business related activities but prefer social engagement. These natives may be very successful writer, speaker, or leader in spiritual, inspirational, or philosophical topics.

Ketu’s detachment brings a different kind of vision to the person as their mind is free from the chaos of regular thoughts, their mind is liberated and they feel calm inside. People might feel them awkward and restrict or isolate them socially. These people may be equipped with intuitive powers and spiritual energy which can be felt by others. May be able to psychically read the minds of others. These people may belong to the privileged caste of high priests who have a passion for preaching. Vimshottari Periods of Ketu will be very beneficial spiritually but not materially.

Ketu can give affluence to the native, Rahu-9 gives wealth through a variety types of income; the only problem is he does not know how to use it. This placement gives frequent short-trips such as holiday, business trip, scheduled tours.

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