Ketu in the 4th House – Good or Bad

Fourth house is all about your family, ancestors, childhood, father, and mother. It talks about your home environment. It represents basic education, vehicles, domestic peace, comforts, immovable properties etc. marital harmony in the grown-up stage of life. It is one of the Moksh sthan (मोक्ष स्थान) and house for relationship between you and your mother. It also makes you spiritual in life.

Rahu is obsession about the features and events of the house where it sits because you did not experience plenty of those in your past life so crave for it now. Ketu is casual, ignorant, apathetic about the features and events of the house where it sits because you already had plenty of those things in the past and don’t want anymore.

It is a difficult placement for a routine home life such as taking care of children and other household tasks. Native will not be or little concerned about the basic living needs such as food, shelter, schooling, customs, cultures, owned properties etc. He will rarely stay at home and spent very little time in the parenting role. Children might be sent to boarding schools. Children will barely see their parents and it is possible that nannies, servants or salaried workers are responsible for bringing up the kids.

Native is detached from parents especially the mother. Childhood experience of native would be very bad due to unreliable and unsecured motherhood. It is possible that parent has some type of condition such as a mental or physical illness, addiction, alcoholism, depression, personality disorder, financial problems etc. Parents will not be available to the child at the time of need due to long absences from home. Native may be educated abroad. Since Ketu aspect the 7th house, native will be confused or not very interested towards the career goal. They are like who may enroll in university or college program but will hardly attend it, they are among with least attendance student.

One may feel fundamentally insecure throughout life living abroad or moving place to place. Helpful in careers where long absence from home-base is required. Ketu-4 is not good for heart conditions or one’s cardiac health. At the same time this placement is good for spiritual benefit or spiritual liberation towards the path of moksha.

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