Ketu in the 6th House – Good or Bad

Look at the 6th house for Enmity, Disease, Debt, Dispute, Conflict, Opposition, Litigation, Enemies, Debts, Kidney problems, Insolvency, Loss by Fire or Theft, Nervous Control, Female Reproductive Organs etc. 6th house also stands for friends, health, attachment, maternal relatives, cousins, servants and inferiors. For divorce related matters, consult this house. Poverty and crime related matters discussed here.

Rahu is obsession about the features and events of the house where it sits because you did not experience plenty of those in your past life so crave for it now. Ketu is casual, ignorant, apathetic about the features and events of the house where it sits because you already had plenty of those things in the past and don’t want anymore.

Papa-graha in bad houses gives good-to-neutral results. Ketu gives best results in 3, 6, 11 houses. Ketu’s main problem is lack of interest and detachment from the things or event of the house matters. Ketu has no regards for set social norms and rules by the society for any particular house feature nor is he aware of due to his casual nature, however, this attitude cannot prevent these problems. Ketu makes wrong choices of company unknowingly in the form of criminals, enemies assuming this as normal way of friendship. Such company will land him in serious trouble before he can understand it, can even land him in jail. Ketu-6 tendency to take its enemies or warning sign in a casual way may create serious trouble for the native sometimes fatal. Former PM Rajiv Gandhi disregarded warnings from security forces about threats on his life.

There could be underworld connections. Native may be unfaithful to his marriage partner as he has no interest/attachment in marriage contact, this may lead to divorce. Due to his apathetic nature, native will ignore the advice of doctors. Vimshottari period of Ketu 6 will give hopelessness, disturbance in professional life, bad relationships, jealousy of friends/colleagues, physical suffering etc. He may develop any serious disease in the body due to procrastination which may further take toll on his life. He may badly indebted by financial burdens just by not understanding the seriousness of the situation. Disregard for consequences of action is a serious drawback of Ketu-6. Viparita yoga helps: house lord 6 in 8 or 8 in 6 or ruler-of-12 in 6. Mother’s relatives, servants, and domestic animals can create troubles for native.

Ketu-6 makes native good at the service of others as one has an ability to understand the needs of the mentally or physically challenged people. This placement is not good for person with business interests. Good position for police and military who must deal with suffering and abuse every day. This placement is good to become a philosopher in life as native is philosophically detached from the worldly ‘Maya’ and its daily routine to gain a broader vision and wisdom of life. He feels that all the features of 6th house (debt, disease, enemity, service, litigation, poverty, pain, fear, health etc.) are merely an illusion to keep you busy and take focus away from larger meaning of life. Ketu native simply walks through the roles provided at birth, counting the days toward final liberation. Ketu wants nothing – no value, no recognition. Ketu 6 is a wanderer to the places in search of answers of the life.

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