Ketu in the 8th House – Good or Bad

Rahu is obsession about the features and events of the house where it sits because you did not experience plenty of those in your past life so crave for it now. Ketu is casual, ignorant, apathetic about the features and events of the house where it sits because you already had plenty of those things in the past and don’t want anymore.

8th house is all about Wealth through Easy Gains & Inheritance, Longevity or Your Age Span, occultism, Partnership & Marital Tie, Obstacles, Debts, Setbacks, Accidents, Death Like Experience, Misfortune, Disgrace, Disappointments, in-laws. Eighth house talks about native’s birth, re-birth and death, or a death like situation.

Ketu-8 lacks fear of consequences of sudden, forced changes (8). They consider even catastrophic changes of life necessary toward spiritual liberation due to their casual approach. They are not very much interested in the ‘what is going on’ in and around them no matter how serious it is. These people are somehow intuitive about the death situation means they have ability to know when death is coming. These people do not have fear of death. Death may occur due to some brain condition or coma depending upon the zodiac in the 8th house. These people are interested in occultism either practicing or knowledge such as priest or tantric practices.

This is a placement of second marriage and native may not have very good relations with the first spouse and in laws. Rahu 2 suggests that person may be from an impressive lineage, however, due to lack of ambition and ignorance Ketu 8 may dissolve (charities) all the wealth and finances received through family and not secure them. The family treasure such as inherited lands and properties even may be finished to nothing and person can be pauper.

Ketu is a mysterious planet, planet of supernormal consciousness in the mysterious house. These people are spiritually inclined and have psychic abilities to counsel others through cycles of destruction-and-rebirth as they are very much aware about why these things happen. Good placement for a psychologist or psychic healer. They may read and understand the secret patterns of nature forces indicating hidden or unseen causes responsible for sudden changes and trauma in life. They can even talk to the other world.

Wealth is not denied here, one may acquire wealth through inheritance, marrying the rich girl, hidden resources such as lottery, and untaxed income, however, person will be confused about the financial gains and how to use them. He may be a philanthropist and use his finances in philanthropy.

During Ketu mahadasha one may feel that things are changing suddenly and perhaps out of your control. However, Ketu in the 8th house is a relatively less problematic placement doing no as such big harm.

Ketu simply follow his karmic duties from the birth to reach his final destination. He doesn’t care about money, fame, recognition, or importance from the society.

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