Ketu in the 9th House – Good or Bad

Rahu is obsession about the features and events of the house where it sits because you did not experience plenty of those in your past life so crave for it now. Ketu is casual, ignorant, apathetic about the features and events of the house where it sits because you already had plenty of those things in the past and don’t want anymore.

Ninth house in Astrology, also called the Dharma Bhava, is one of the trikona houses and your fortune house. Interest in spirituality, philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, law, higher education is seen from here. 9th house represents foreign and long distance journeys country to country in search of his answers of life or otherwise. 9th house is very prominent house representing father and his relationship with native. Ninth house deals with higher vision – journey towards the unknown, to discover what is beyond and above us. Travelling to other places, understanding different cultures, interacting with other peoples and cultures and develop our philosophical bent of mind.

9th place belongs to father. Ketu here makes father unreliable, unpredictable, often away physically due to frequent travels. If native is rich, father may even enjoy his wealth and fame without acknowledging it. Father may be an alcoholic or has mental health conditions if lord 9 is weak. These people have very liberal and unconventional religious thoughts; they can easily change their religion and convert. Ketu is the planet of liberation and spirituality; its bigger purpose is to take you towards the Moksh. So it gives you a different approach and vision to see the life’s problem and create your own humanistic perspective towards life. Ketu prefers meditation, isolation and wandering pilgrimages. They may have a good connections, favors and profits in foreign land or from foreigners.

However, contradictory to Ketu placement in bhav 9, Rahu in bhav 3 suggests that Ketu 9 will have difficult, materialistic and ambitious sibling who will have different plans and lifestyle, and they will be very clever and deceitful to achieve these objectives. They may exploit the native and he will be victim to such siblings in order to reach their objective. Ketu’s scattered nature will make it difficult to achieve or retain the fortune from the 9th house; he may not know when fortune is knocking at the door. Good placement for mathematician, journalist, doctor, writer, motivational speaker, unconventional priest, or self-claimed saint etc.

Normally an atheist, these natives are gifted philosophers with remarkable faith and inner sight and see the life from their perspective. May have very unconventional approach towards priests, temples, worship and even concept of God. Native may be very wise, intellectual and spiritual person who will already have vast knowledge of different topics. He may have mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about religion, spiritual teachings, and scriptures. 9th house is higher education house, however, due to his wisdom native will feel disconnected from the university culture as he will not want the approval or certificate of his knowledge. Ketu here will make native confused about higher education and what is its purpose in the life.

Outcome depends almost entirely upon other planet with Ketu and Ketu’s lord. Ketu simply follow his karmic duties from the birth to reach his final destination. He doesn’t care about money, fame, recognition, or importance from the society.

Gautam Trehan

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