Kundli Analysis 3

Few days ago someone asked me if he can pursue his interest in the Music Industry. He wants to be a musician/singer but feels low when time comes. Let’s analyze his question and see how stars help us to decide such things. Here is his chart:

For music first thing you need good voice means strong 2nd house and Mercury. 2nd house lord is well placed in the 9th house. 9th house lord is well placed in the 11th house – house of achievement. 5th house represents film industry. 5th house lord is also well placed in 11th house. 3rd house represents small performance, 3rd house lord Mercury is well placed in 11th house. Moreover, his 11th house planets Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury do not have any enmity to each other. So overall, this is good placement.

The only hitch is Mercury which is in infant stage and functional malefic. Mercury is the lord of voice, speech. This may be the reason person feels little down when it comes to perform else chart is very good for a music person.

Gautam Trehan

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