Longevity in Astrology

With so many celebrities (of course! who cares about common man 🙂 ) being dead in recent year – for different reasons and in different age group – it is obvious to think about longevity of our life and how long we will live. Longevity in astrology is a very interesting concept of vedic astrology. Let’s see how astrology deals with this topic:

To start with, don’t get much curious as it is not an easy task even for expert astrologers to tell about longevity in astrology. It is very calculative work. As there will be n numbers of Yoga, Dasha, Marak and other things as per Gochar in one’s entire life. And sometimes it is possible that person escapes a marak dasha and longevity increases. However, there are some basic rules in astrology which are considered for this reason.

8th House and Ascendant:

8th house and ascendant play an important role in this calculation. 8th house is house of longevity then comes the power of ascendant. Ascendant is body and 8th house is soul. If body and soul are strong then long life is indicated; one is strong another is weak medium life is indicated and if both are weak then short life is possible.

Jupiter and Saturn:

Next is condition of Jupiter in the chart as it is said one strong Jupiter kills hundreds of doshas in the kundli. Saturn is important to consider as it is planet of your karmas and karak planet for 8th house. Longevity is also predicted from Ashtakvarga.

Division of Longevity in Astrology:

The standard life span for this purpose is 108 years for human charts. It is divided into three parts:-

  1. Short life (Alp Ayu):-It is 0-36 years.
  2. Middle life (Madhya Ayu):-It is from 36-72 years.
  3. Long life (Puran Ayu) :- It is from 72 -108 years.

Moveable Sign, Fixed Sign, and Dual Sign

Before that you need to understand moveable sign, fixed sign, and dual sign. Gemini (3), Virgo (6), Sagittarius (9) or Pisces (12) are dual sign; the movable signs are Aries (1), Cancer (4), Libra (7) and Capricorn (10); fixed signs are Taurus (2), Leo (5), Scorpio (8), and Aquarius (11).

Basic Rules of Longevity in Astrology:

Rule 1.

If you want to have a general understandings of longevity then look at the lord of the ascendant and 8th house.

  • If both are in movable sign or one is in dual sign and other is in fix sign then long life is indicated.
  • If both are in dual sign or one is in movable sign and other is in fix sign, then middle life is indicated.
  • If both are in fix sign or one is in movable sign and other is in dual sign then short life is indicated.

Rule 2.

If the Lord of the ascendant and all benefic planets are in Quadrants (1, 4, 7, 10) or Trines (1, 5, 9) then the native has a long life. If they are in succedent houses (2, 5, 8, 11) then medium life is inferred and if they are in candent houses (3, 6, 9, 12), then short life is inferred.

Rule 3.

Astrologers say that the 8th house which represents life span is also a trik house. Planets get afflicted in this house but placement of any auspicious planet in this house is good for longevity. Placement of malefic planets such as Mars, Rahu, or Ketu in this house may cast a negative impact on a native’s life span. An afflicted 8th house and debilitated Lord of the 8th house may decrease the longevity of a native. A debilitated Ascendant or Lord of the Ascendant may create many adverse situations in a native’s life. Malefics occupying 3 6 11 will give long life as these are upachaya houses.

Rule 4.

According to ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’ – If Randhra (8th house) Lord is in angular house, long life is indicated. The native will be short lived – If Randhra Lord joins Lagna Lord or a malefic and be in Randhra itself.

Thus there are many ways of calculating longevity in astrology each giving different life span.

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