Who does Lord Shiva worship?

Answer lies in the Shiva Purana. There is a story about Lordess Parvati asking this question to Shiva once while walking in the Kailash. She asked “Lord Shiva, I can see that while meditating, sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry, sometimes you seems to be lost, and sometimes your body hairs will stand in ecstasy while you meditate. Kindly resolve my curiosity as who do you meditate.

Lord Shiva smiled and said “This question is very close to my heart and no one has ever known the answer to this question. “O Parvati, It is Lord Rama who I meditate on and who make me go through so many emotions.”

“I see entire Ramayana in front of me when I close my eyes, how Lord Ramaleaves his kingdom and kins in order to uphold the greatest principles and to teach morality to mortal humans. My eyes have tears when I see him in grief, as Ravana kidnaps Mother Sita. Even though he is Lord of the universe and no emotion can affect him but still he has hold himself in human form to relate with his devotees. Army of apes (vanars) building a floating bridge makes me smile. Again, being a lord of the Universe he does not need any bridge. “

Saying this Lord Shiva went silent. Thus we can see that Lord Rama worships Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva worships Lord Rama.

Gautam Trehan

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