A Man Stranded at sea for 438 days Survived to tell his Story!

A fishing trip turns into a terrifying test of survival after Salvador Alvarenga becomes one man against the sea.

Salvador Alvarenga was a 37-year-old Salvadoran fisherman living and working in Mexico. On November 18, 2012, Alvarenga planned to head out into the Pacific at 10 a.m. and work straight through until 4 p.m. the next day. His crewman was Ezequiel Córdoba, a 22-year-old rookie. Loading the boat involved over a thousand pounds of equipment, including a five-foot-long and four-foot-high icebox that would soon be filled with tuna, shark, and mahimahi.

Alvarenga had been warned that a storm was coming, but there was little that would keep him from embarking. In one day, he’d make enough money to survive for a full week.

As he blasted through the waves some 75 miles from land, Alvarenga let out his two-mile-long fishing line. The storm was gaining strength on land but had yet to reach the men far offshore. That changed around 1 a.m. Waves rocked the small boat, which began to tilt sideways like an amusement park ride. “Get us out of here!” Córdoba screamed to Alvarenga. “Let’s go back!”…..

What happened next was going to change his life forever.

Read the full story here by JONATHAN FRANKLIN from the book 438 DAYS

Gautam Trehan

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