Manglik in Astrology

Manglik Dosha (Status) in Vedic Astrology

It is also called Kuja Dosha. First of all we should not call it “dosha” rather it is status. People are terrified in the name of “Manglik”. It is common understanding that Manglik people should marry Manglik as the “Mangal dosha” in the kundli gets cancelled. It is totally wrong to assume that Manglik and Non-Manglik marriage is not possible. It is definitely possible. Moreover there is nothing called double manglik, soumya manglik, or anshik manglik status.

Technically speaking 6 out of 12 houses i.e. 50% of houses form manglik status. So in this way half of us will be manglik. Mars means energy, fire or action. So if this energy exists in the houses which require peace, the problem arises. Such as 2nd or 4th house in particular. That is why Mars is considered very good in the 10th house which is house of career and requires a lot of action. Moreover, the role of other 8 planets also need to keep in mind.
Contrary to the popular belief manglik people have lot of courage to take initiative, these are very creative people. They just have to learn to channelize their energy. Due to the adversaries and challenges of their life, manglik people are more energetic and hard working towards their goal in spite of hardships.

Even some of them are very dynamic in nature, have good personality with good educational background. These people are doctors, engineers, or holding high positions in government or private sector. They are also successful businessmen as well.

So overall one needs to understand the complete psychic behind being a manglik and there is no need to feel dejected. Life gives challenges to everyone, for some it could be little more.

Manglik Yoga

Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th, and in some cases in 2nd house from ascendant (Lagna) or Moon are considered manglik. Mars in 1st, 4th and 12th house has direct aspect on 7th house which represents marriage and marital life; whereas 8th house general relationship and welfare of spouse.

  • Mars in 1st house makes the person very aggressive.
  • Mars in 2nd house makes the person aggressive and dominating in family and speech and spoil domestic happiness.
  • Mars in 4th house spoils the domestic atmosphere by quarrels and aggression.
  • Mars in 7th house gives excess sex appetite, which could spoil the marriage.
  • Mars in 8th house gives danger to life, injury by weapons, problems with in-laws or sudden death; as it aspects 2nd from here, it will also affect family happiness.
  • Mars in 12th gives bad health to spouse, excessive sex appetite and spendthrift attitude. From here it also aspects 7th house.

If Mars is posited with any of the malefic planets, bad effects of Mars will be minimized. It is said to be better if manglik yoga is present in both i.e. boy and girl kundli. In such cases there are some pre-marriage rituals which should be performed with the help of learned Brahmin or astrologer.

What does it do?

Generally manglik yoga delays marriage, create obstacles in finalizing the marriage, problems in married life, divorce in some cases; not only in married life, but also in professional life such as obstacles in career, frequent job change, lack of stability, financial losses etc. Mars generally affects up to the age of 28 years, in some cases till 32 years. One should not worry if marriage of a Manglik boy or a Manglik girl is delayed, more it will be delayed the bad effects of Mars will be minimized.

Nullified Manglik Status

  • Mars in self house or exaltation does not cause manglik status.
  • Mars with Saturn in the same house also nullifies the status.
  • Jupiter aspecting Mars also nullifies the status.

Manglik people should do more and more religious activities, charity, help the needy/poor, visit lord Shiva temple. Tuesday is their special day so they should avoid any kind of prohibited act on this day. They should worship Lord Hanuman, donate to people, fed to animals; these things will help to accumulate good karmas and good karmas will help to enable a happy married life in long run.

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