Mars in different Houses

Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th, and in some cases in 2nd house from ascendant (Lagna) or Moon are considered manglik. Mars in 1st, 4th and 12th house has direct aspect on 7th house which represents marriage and marital life; whereas 8th house general relationship and welfare of spouse.

Lets have a look on Mars in different houses.

Mars in the 1st House:

This placement creates mangalik status in kundli. First house explores the key answers of the questions like who you are, what you will do, and what do you think. Your physical body, constitution, body complex, overall appearance, your soul, spirituality, health, age span etc all belong here.

You must have seen daring or hot headed people full of courage, action, passion, ambition, physical strength or with fighting spirit always ready to take on anybody, do anything without hesitation. Such people are governed by Mars.

So technically good mars in the first house makes the person ambitious and daring. They have passion for work or any assignment they are involved with. Their overall appearance will seem to be quite tough and serious, they don’t believe in loose talks or fun at work concept. Once idea pops up in their mind, they will simply follow their basic instincts sometimes in haste and without proper planning due to which they may suffer some unintended consequences. In the course of their action they may suffer due to their impulsive nature, get hurt easily by others and may further aggravate their impulses. These people love challenges, competitive environment and war like situations.

Mars in first house makes the person mangalik and he may not have blessed marital life as these persons love their independence. Marriage and family are not their action items. It also makes the person rash, outspoken, and very straight in talk and behavior which many not go well with other people so it is not easy to work with them as a co-worker.

Strong mars provides a remarkable reserve of muscular, kinetic, sexual, masculine, athletic, productive energy which make them good hunter, dancer, warrior, athlete, body-builder, attorney, cosmetic surgeon.

From 1st house mars aspect 4th house i.e. childhood, family, and preliminary education, they may have trouble with these features as 4th house is very gentle house and aspected by mars like malefic and tough planet is not good. Then it aspects 8th house i.e. house of mysteries and death – a significant contributing factor for premature death in a traffic accident, battlefield, surgery, by weapon etc. Mars will also aspect 7th house of marriage which again may not be as good as 7th house is gentle house and malefic aspect may give bitter marital experience.
You can easily relate the above explanation with the chart of Mr. Narendra Modi who has very strong mars in his 1st house, he did not have much education, good upbringing as a child, and he is not very close to his family and did not have marital bliss.

Mars in the 2nd House:

2nd house belongs to wealth, eye/vision, family, speech, continuance of married life, food habits, bad habits, possessions, material goods, male child. Organs such as nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes are represented by second house.

Mars being an aggressive planet focuses too much on material possessions. These people are highly materialistic and they value their wealth too much. For them wealth is the medium to gain respect from the society. However, on the other side they do a lot of hard work to earn their fortune and never give up. They are generally business people as they are born with very strong business aptitude. In doing so they have very high standard for others which don’t generally go well as they use a lot of aggression and harsh words (2nd house is speech and mars is malefic aggressive planet) to control their subordinates. These natives of mars in 2nd house would be quiet firm at their needs and wants and will do all possible things for the same.

However, aggressively they earn and aggressively they spend. They are not able to save the money as they are spendthrifts and may not maintain enough bank balance due to extravagant style of spending on worldly comforts.

This placement will give aggressive speech, shouting, warlike speech. These natives will have a tendency to shout at family members, or to dominate family-based discussions. Overall culture of the native’s family may be very dynamic like family members may be engineers, athletes, soldiers, surgeons etc. Mars suggests that the brother-figure may have a dominant role in the family.

From here mars will aspect the 5th house which may suggest natives are not very educated, this aspect also increases the possibility of childlessness, conflict with children. However, this aspect may benefit the political aspect.

Mars will also aspect the 8th house, which suggests that native may not be on good terms with his in-laws due to his aggressive speech. At the same time native may accumulate joint assets with his spouse. Since Mars is occupying the 8th house from 7th (spouse), it may result in the accidental death of the first spouse. Mars will also aspect the 9th house which may give conflict with father, non-interest in religious ceremonies. It is possible that native will travel a lot.

In Hrithik Roshan birth chart Mars is in the 2nd house and it is svagrihi also.

Mars in the 3rd House:

This is the natural house for Mars, however, planets which are the significators of a house also destroys the fruits of those house due to the concept of Karaka Bhavo Nashya in Vedic Astrology. It actually means that some or the other aspect of that house would be adversely affected. In this case, the main problem with 3rd house placement is speech or communication. These natives use very harsh words, aggressive and verbally very critically language which will not go well with other people and they may unintentionally make enemies out of this. Mars in third house makes native critical and intolerant to the evils in the society and always at loggerheads with friends, siblings, neighbors and society who do not like to be shown the mirror.

3rd house deals with siblings, primary and secondary education, communication, short trips. It represents courage, physical strength, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, writing and communicative capability etc. Also known as Bhatru (भातृ) House, 3rd house is also one of the Dusthsthan (दुशस्थान) and Upachaya (उपचय) house.
Generally malefic planets in dusthana are considered good. Mars is a karak planet for 3rd house. Action comes in the form of communication – splendid placement for journalists, those in the media industry, writers, poet etc. This placement gives extensive and frequent short term travel to those who may be in business, administration or project management. Person may be very dynamic and entrepreneurial in nature, may be in the business of manufacturing of weapons or sporting equipment.

There may be some sort of communication and harmony problem with siblings due to aggression in speech which may lead to dispute or quarrel generally uncomfortable for the younger sibling. Mars plays the role of Karako Bhavo Nasho in the 3rd house which creates danger to the younger sibling (if any) who may meet a sudden end. Native may also get a possibility of accident during short travel. Same speech problem may be uncomfortable for harmonious teamwork as 3rd house is colleague house. Such people are potentially aggressive in conversation and impatient in listening.

From here mars aspect the 6th house which is a malefic house. Drishti of a malefic graha to a malefic bhava is usually favorable. Mars aspect the house of illness, enemy, and debt. Mars aspect to his own natural bhava is usually favorable. One will battle with the illness, debt, social conflict seeking-a-remedy of all kinds. Mars will also aspect the 9th house, which may give conflict with father, non-interest in religious ceremonies. It is possible that native will travel a lot.

And finally it will aspect the 10th house which is also good and productive as it is work and profession area which requires energy, good for building up career through energetic works.

Mars in the 4th House:

This placement creates mangalik status in kundli. 4th house is considered soft house of family, childhood, home environment, basic education, domestic peace, comforts, marital harmony etc. Mars is a planet of aggression and fight, this placement might not be the ideal place for Mars like planet. The fierce and angry Mars is not comfortable in 4th house which showers love, affection and provides shelter from opponents. Mars in 4th house may trigger frequent changing home as restlessness of Mars will not let the native settle at one place.
It will cause disruption in the home environment. Karaka for divorce or death of the parents, particularly for trouble to the mother. Mars aggression will not be satisfied at the home land – a strong signal for change of land or country i.e. movement from birth place to another place. Native will have bad memories of childhood due to upbringing conflict, contentious topics within the family. This is also placement for the early decease of a parent, especially the mother.

At the same time mother will be very active and competitive personality always thinking about home and kids. However, due to this activeness her lifespan may be shortened potentially by diseases of different kind.
However, Mars aspect on 10th and 11th house is good for energetically building up the career, pursuit of gains from income. This will give frequent changes of career (aggressive drishti of Mars on 10th) due to dissatisfaction and restlessness, however, it will give substantial gain of earnings through entering and leaving different companies. More good if native is engaged in some independent profession independent, targeted, competitive, project-oriented tasks. Not good for long-term commitments.

Mars will also aspect the 7th house of marriage which is not so good, there will be frictions in marriage due to combative partner, bad temperament and speech. May cause trouble and frustration in marriage, may suggest an angry and conflicted home life.

Mars in the 4th house may give major heart related problems as 4th house belong to chest. Even Mars in the 4th house creates the major chances of Open Heart Surgery especially if 8th house also has bad influences.
Overall restless, action oriented Mars is not suitable for this homely house.

Mars in the 5th House:

Mars in 5th house is in the house of its friend Jupiter. Mars generally does well here provided placement is favorable. 5th house is a trikona house and all pleasant things in your life – children, higher education, intelligence, speculative gains, romance etc. Still, 5th house is a soft house for Mars like planet, native may have frequent argument with his children, partner. Native whether a male or female could be a flirt and be involved in a few affairs. Due to aggression to make quick money, may also suffer heavy losses in gambling/stock markets. Mars in the 5th house is often associated with frequent occurrence of miscarriage or therapeutic abortion.

As per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Mars in trikona house gives advancement of fortune, recognition by the government, and prosperity at home and profits in business.

This is a splendid placement for professions which requires for long and demanding energy such as stage performer, profession of politics, theatre, writing, fashion, athlete, salesperson, actor, lecturer, and public speaker — any job that involves a dynamic, energetic performance. From here Mars aspect the 8th, 11th and 12th house.
8th house aspect may create problem with in-laws. If this aspect is favorable, it will give joint wealth with the spouse, some unexpected treasure. Aspect on 11th house is good as it will give rise in income provided earnings are done within disciplined manner and not impulsive. There may be some problem in the friend circle. Aspect on 12th house needs to be watched as it may make the person greedy, not good for marriage continuance, may send the native into legal trouble even in the prison.

Mars in the 6th House:

Mars in the 6th house is the most ideal location. Two negatives make a positive in mathematics. Similarly in astrology a malefic planet in a malefic house provides a strong and favorable result. 6th house is the house of enemies, debts and diseases and Mars here provides the favorable results through illness, exploitation and sufferings.

On the downside there may be problems due to overworking, troubles through inferiors such as servants, subordinates, conflicts with superiors, there is a chance of infections, fever, or accidents. As long as Mars is strong it provides aggression and competitive attitude which sees native overcome the difficulties associated with this house. Ideal placement for career in sports, army, navy, police, surgeon and engineer.

These natives lifelong battle against the miseries of society such as poverty, crime, starvation, illiteracy. This placement is not good from the perspective of maternal uncle or mother’s siblings (3rd from 4th).
From here Mars will aspect the 9th house, which may give conflict with father, non-interest in religious ceremonies. It is possible that native will travel a lot. The aspect on 1st house provides the native with a fierce and competitive attitude. Aspect on 12th house may give trouble as it may make the person greedy, not good for marriage continuance, may send the native into legal trouble even in the prison.

Mars in the 7th House:

This placement creates mangalik status in kundli. This placement is quite troublesome in a number of ways. Mars in 7th house is in the house of his enemy Venus. Venus is romance and Mars is aggression. This placement makes the native quite lustful. Native may have other intimate partners, may trigger two marriages. Mars in 7th house causes frictions with spouse mostly due to highly competitive spouse. Marriage is most likely late. There may be problems in Business Partnerships, fights and litigation’s by business partner. However, if native is willing to compromise it will help you tremendously in finding harmony in those relationship. Depending on the sign, in case of females, there may be problems with conceiving, May have adopted or surrogate children. Early widowhood is caused by Mars in the 7th Bhava.

Mars casts an aspect on 10th house, 1st house and 2nd house from its placement in 7th house. The aspect on 10th house provides energy and aggression at workplace. This give success but there could be some problems with colleagues at workplace. This is an excellent placement for career as 7th house is 10th from 10th. The aspect on 1st house causes health and anger issues, at the same time it makes the person well determined and tough. The aspect on 2nd house gives friction with family members mainly due to aggressive speech problem, affects wealth savings.

Mars in the 8th House:

Mars in 8th house causes mangalik status. Mars in 8th house is in the house of its enemy Saturn. 8th house is the house of Secrets, Inherited Wealth, Hidden Assets, Mystic Knowledge, and in-laws of the first marriage. Mars here may bring chaos.

Health wise Mars in 8th house rules the large intestine, anus and buttocks, it may cause an acute problem of piles, various diseases connected with the urinary tract or with blood circulation may afflict and native you may undergo surgery. These natives should refrain from overeating and spicy food.

This combination may be harmful to the marriage partner as 8th is 12th from 7th. The spouse of the native is likely to be sickly and prone to early death if there are other fatal associations in horoscope of marriage partner.
Such people may be corrupt officers taking lot of bribes in the form of secret money. However, whatever they will earn soon be gone. If in the business it may give great loss. In this placement even friends and relatives behave like an enemy. It is said that native with Mars in 8th carry negative karmic force in this life and he will feel the heat of same. Native should be careful regarding danger from water or swimming.

From here Mars aspect the 11th house which could be beneficial if native is engaged in the business activity independently as he may not prosper working under someone. The 4th aspect on 11th house causes some troubles with regular income but unlikely to cause huge troubles as 11th house is the house of Mars friend Jupiter. Mars will also aspect the 2nd house which suggests little or no saving of wealth due to overspending, friction with family members – will more or less behave as discussed above in the Mars in 2nd house. And finally aspect on 3rd house which suggests native has frequent quarrels with siblings and neighbors, read more here: Mars in the 3rd house.

Mars in 8th house is quite a troublesome placement.

Mars in the 9th House:

It is one of the trikona houses, this house is primarily shows the wisdom and religion related features. A person’s interest in spirituality, philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, law, higher education is seen from here.

As per Hora Shastra: Mars in 9th house gives good fortune related to home and business, government support, and success. Mars in 9th House is placed in the house of his friend Jupiter. This placement offers somewhat better results in matters of religion, frequent long distance travels for business and higher education related purpose if planet Jupiter is in good condition. Mars alone in a bad sign could make the native Atheists and one who doesn’t like following culture and norms of society.

One’s relationship to the father may be combative due to bully father. Mars in 9th often signifies a difficult life for the father, involving aggression, accidental injury, or self-destruction.

From here Mars aspect 12th house which is not good as discussed above, aspect on 4th house is also not good for domestic peace as discussed above. However aspect on 3rd house is good, however, it gives, differences with siblings and neighbors, also native needs to take care of his communication. Natives are advised not to buy or sell property. Native should also ensure property is registered under name of someone else in the family whom native considers lucky.

Mars in 9th House is not bad, some troubles are possible in matters of father, brothers-sisters, property dealings and losses both person and financial. But it is still a good placement especially if Jupiter, Venus or Mercury are co-tenants or aspecting on Mars in 9th House.

Mars in the 10th House:

10th house in astrology is also known as karmasthana – house of action, profession, promotion. This is perhaps the most powerful Kendra house as man is identified by his karma only. His karma makes him grow, make popular, and moreover provide the means of livelihood. It also talks about our social status in the society, how much society value you as an individual.- It is one of the Upachaya houses representing ‘growth’, ‘advancement’, ‘increment’ etc.

This is the best place for the action and malefic planets like Mars and Saturn are best suited here where it puts all its brilliant energy in the single goal of achieving the success. Mars in 10th House creates a fearless, hard-working, sincere individual who loves pushing others at workplace and may not be liked by subordinates and co-workers.
If Mercury joins Mars then the native could be a skilled scientists, technician or a software or hardware developer. If Saturn joins Mars then also similar roles are possible with Politician added to the list. If Jupiter is with Mars then native could become a Corporator or Mayor or Governor/Chief Minister. With Venus along with Mars in 10th House the native could also become a successful trader in foreign land. Mars with Rahu in 10th House makes the native a Politician or Actor. Mars with Ketu income in mercenery work or spirituality.

Shakira is a world famous Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer and model who emerged in the music scene of Colombia and Latin America in the early 1990s. She is famous for her own original twist on belly dancing. She has a strong Mars in the 10th house.

Mars aspect on 4th House may create frictions with mother, native need to be careful while dealing in real estate. Native may leave the comfort of his homeland to join action, in some cases-army. Aspect on 5th house may create frictions with children, but at the same time makes the native adventurous in romance and sex. The aspect on 1st House provides energy and aggression which will again be an add-on to the native at workplace.

It is said that old age could show some difficulties especially if Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are co-tenants or situated in 4th House. It is 2nd (marak) from 9th (father) which may suggest early death of father. Also, it is said that in case of woman horoscope the aspect on 5th house may lead to miscarriage of the child.

Mars in the 11th House:

Mars in 11th house becomes a dhanakaraka (economically stimulating), according to B. V Raman native will be smart enough to earn a lot of money, and he may acquire many properties. Native may be very popular among friends and social circle, community-builder and center of social networks of fans or folks who share a common interest in things. Native will be ambitious and enterprising. Like Oprah Winfrey who is one of the richest women in the world and her story from rags to riches is famous. She is very popular in the social network.

However, in a bad sign this auspicious placement can provide adverse effects like difficulties in earning income or bad friends. If any elder sibling, he will be very competitive towards native. However, strong Mars may suggests no elder sibling.

Native may be a bit aggressive in style, they have very good connections in the networks of the marketplace. Person will be dominating in group-association behaviors, exhibiting a competitive my way or highway style.
The aspect on 2nd House could be a bit problematic, he will spend as fast as he will earn the money means zero saving. There could be other reasons for depleted money in case Mars is not well in the 11th house and aspect on 2nd house is also bad. It will also give aggressive speech problem. Aspect on 2nd house makes the person materialistic.

Aspect on 5th house makes native a flirt and quite romantic. He/She could have many relationships. If Venus or Rahu are co-tenants or placed in 5th House then there is every possibility that native opts for Love Marriage and sometimes even gets involved in Runaway Marriage. It gives some competitive relationship with children like arguments, disagreements. However children will be very energetic, may be athletes.

The aspect on 6th house will be mixed, one hand it will give fighting ability towards enemy, disease, and loan, other hand it could give bad results for health. There could be inflammation and swelling around stomach and intestines and often acidity due to aspect of Mars. The drishti of a malefic graha to a malefic Bhava is usually favorable. One positive outcome could be a highly successful business in managing large-scale poverty and debt. Also, one does battle with illness, debt, social conflict, and imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of all kinds. An excellent placement for police and military.

Overall 11th house is a great placement for Mars.

Mars in the 12th House:

12th house karak is Saturn enemy of Mars. 12th house belongs to Sleep, dreams, private imaginations, bed-pleasures, other worlds, redemption, sacrifice, import-export, foreign trade, selflessness, de-materialization, decay, psychic powers, illness or poverty of the spouse, Imprisonment – physical or psychological, enclosures such as hospital, prisons, monasteries, ashram, deceivers, sympathy, empathy, spirituality, places of seclusion, Separation from Family, Obstructions in Life, Longevity, Research, Marital Tie/Happiness.

Mars here is not good for marital happiness as it also creates Mangalik Dosha. From here it will aspect the 7th house too which is again not good, there could be disagreement between spouses, frictions with first wife and business partners if any. There is a strong case for second marriage especially if both 7th House and 8th House both contain malefics. However, it is good for bed pleasure as Mars can use its masculine energy in sexual activities. Nicole Kidman has her Mars in 12th. Kidman has been married twice: previously to actor Tom Cruise, and currently to country singer Keith Urban.

Native has to be careful while dealing with people or careful in partnership business, there could be jealous friends, hidden enemies and well-wishers who could work behind the back of native to cause harm or loss of reputation. If possible they should avoid business partnership. There are chances of losses in import-export or foreign trade if Mars is placed in 12th ,chances of foreign travel too. It is possible that native may not accumulate financial wealth due to frequent financial setbacks or extravagant lifestyle. Native may have a desire to extort others’ wealth. US President Donald Trump has 12th Mars, Trump and his businesses had been involved in more than 3,500 state and federal legal actions (12th house effect). His hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt six times (6th house effect).

The 6th House aspect may give diseases related to heat in the body, headaches, eye-diseases, injury to left eye, ear, hand, fever and blood impurities. This aspect is also not good for maternal uncles. Aspect on 3rd house may make him a writer out of imagination originating in 12th house. However, at the same time he will have very controversial style of conversation due to Mars effect such as Donald Trump. There may be fear of fire, prison, falls, poison, accidents possibility of burning or getting locked up in prison. Also danger from thieves, disputes, weapons, trouble through servants. He himself be atheist, cruel, wicked, crafty, and boaster.

Mars in the 12th House is not so ideal placement.

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