What is Third Eye Awakening or Ajna Chakra

Third eye also known as Ajna Chakra is very much associated with Lord Shiva as the only person or deity with third eye on his forehead, that is why he is also known as the Trilochana (“three-eyed”). It is a mystical invisible eye, symbolically, not exactly, located between the eyebrows, which gives you power to look beyond ordinary. Third eye is a natural part of every person through which you analyse the events of your life and try to look into what will happen rather than what is happening. Third eye is a very powerful sensory organ created by mother nature.

In ancient scriptures, you will find the mention of yogis and sages who did a lot of meditation and penance, for many days and years, in the deep forests away from the social life. These sages had developed the mystical power of third eye through which they were able to see the future events and higher dimension of life.

What is Third Eye Awakening

Physically, pineal gland is the organ known as the third eye which is said to be functioned and awakened through the middle of the eyebrows. At the same time, it is said that third eye is situated in the back of the head, not the front, as it is shown on most of the images. It may be due to the reference of the third eye of Lord Shiva, that it has been illustrated in the forehead. The third eye or pineal gland is the most mysterious and enigmatic organ which, in your lifetime, is in complete dormant state and never evolved completely. This is an organ of inner vision, which, once awakened, can perform the function of apprehending events and energies around you comprehensively beyond normal vision, beyond life, beyond mind, and beyond matter.

Every organ in our body has been created with some purpose. Nature never creates any form of life without some purpose, so it third eye or pineal gland. It is the mirror and window of the soul.

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How Third Eye Works

Third Eye or pineal gland is the centre of wisdom and intuition which interprets energy around us, energy which you can only feel, but cannot see. Third eye is the mystical power of mind which can sense the energy around us through the normal five senses, mind figures it out, it processes the information, and deliver the interpretation to other senses. Once you go into the process, you perceive psychic visions and divine intuition which is beyond normal.

However, this interpretation could be very different from the person to person, as each person sees the world from a different angle. Pineal gland is connected with spiritual visions. The Pineal Gland is the Heart of the Mind –without any lust, without any passion. The function of pineal gland is also affected by consumption of alcohol and drugs, which prevents the development of the “third-eye” or spiritual intuition.

Third Eye Awakening

In short, the process involves the profound psychological self-discipline, self-development, utmost purity and chastity of life. One has to advance on the spiritual path, refrain from the consumption of drugs and alcohols, and observe the celibacy.

Only this self-discipline helps you to expand your psychic ability to attain and experience the spiritual life. In the process meditation is done on the Ajna Chakra. You need to bring the mind to the state of devotion, concentration, and complete mental silence. It creates a pool of energy and vibration around you which leads you to the super consciousness, illumination, and wisdom.

Third Eye Awakening – Facts and Myths

Now a days, all of sudden, people are too much obsessed with the third eye and the Pineal Gland. However, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and dangerous misinformation existing on this topic. This is perhaps due to uncontrolled informational growth of internet and commercialization of yogic practices. People claiming to awaken third eye in a few weeks to month, whereas, this could be the process of years and years.

H.P. Blavatsky, an occultist, spirit medium, author and co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875 (link), has stated in one her research paper:

“No respectable, reliable, trustworthy spiritual teacher would ever – under any circumstances – publish information and explanation on how to “awaken,” “open,” or “activate” the Third Eye. It is not the right time for this to happen and the many publications which exist in this regard can at best enable the individual to develop a few psychic faculties (which are not the same as spiritual faculties!) and at worst result in serious psychological and physical damage.”

It seems to be very true that there could be a very few individuals in the world who would be knowing the actual process of awakening the third eye or pineal gland, and even they would know it, they would never share, say or write anything about this, as most of such practices require oath of secrecy as part of the practice.

Keeping in mind the process and its complications, it is not recommended to try to awaken and activate the third eye as there is no authorized known literature available on this topic till date. There are only discussions and perceptions. Even if you will try this reading some book or following a DVD, there are better chances that you could develop other psychic problems.

Many Adepts claim that the third eye no longer acts or can be awakened, the only proof of third eye is now the pineal gland.

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