Mercury in different Houses

Mercury is the prince planet means planet with a boy like energy but need guidance. Mercury means speech, analytical abilities, sharp intellect, confidence, knowledge, humor, a person who is thinker, good looking and is brainy. It is the planet of expression and communication. However, in astrology Mercury is a neutral planet i.e. neither male nor female, that is why Mercury needs to accompanied by some planet or favorable rashis in the houses, alone Mercury may not be so effective.

Mercury in the 1st House:

Mercury is planet for merchandise and merchants. Mercury is a young planet, it has youth but no direction; that is why is astrology it takes the characteristics of its co-planet if there is one. Mercury placed alone in the 1st House is not good. Sun and Mercury move very close to each other as Mercury is the closest planet from Sun. Sun & Mercury in the 1st house is great. If the angle is less then twelve degrees then that forms the powerful Budh-Aditya Yoga.

On the other side of the Mercury is Venus travels very close to Mercury. Venus with Mercury in the 1st house gives a chatty, romantic, and flirt personality, however, good for businesses related to perfumes, jewelry, music, arts, dancing and other Venus businesses.

On good side, these people like to keep their mind alert, like riddles, puzzles, uncovering mysteries of the things around. Their mind is quicker and they learn fast. Adversely aspected Mercury may give speech problem. Mercury people are very sharp observant and they observe things closely, however, observing and analyzing other people will annoy others. Further, with Mercury in 1st house, person speaks a lot even when there is no need to speak, this is another annoying feature. They are frank, outspoken and blunt to the extent of hurting the feelings of others.

These natives are expert communicator, easy and friendly, possess sharp mentality. Person with strong Mercury have youthful appearance and prefers the company of younger people with young approach to life. However, before reaching to any conclusion overall placement and aspect on Mercury need to be studied carefully.

Mercury in the 2nd House:

This is a good placement. Mercury is the planet of intellect, 2nd house is finance house, with this placement native will use his brain power to earn money. He will be very sharp to identify the ways of earn money in any given situation. Money is constantly on their mind.

They can gain a lot of money through stocks using their intuition about buying and selling. If Mercury is somehow connected to the 5th house then he will be excellent in any kind of speculative profession. These people are very good at management and planning and have solution for every situation.

2nd house belong to learning/education; these guys are very fond of information/reading and spend a lot of time & money on books and other such resources. Due to this, these people have very good IQ level. This placement makes them great writer too.

Speech is strong significance of 2nd house. Ability of speech, quality of speech, attracting other through speech all governed by this house. How much speech will contribute in your life can be seen here, Mercury will add intellect in the speech means these will be excellent in communication and will use this power for their livelihood. 2nd house belongs to eyes, Mercury will make them very observant through eyes.

They are excellent in analyzing the data and do with numbers. They can become great accountants. However, if Mercury is afflicted then there are possibilities to use these powers in a mischievous way such as how to use the system for their benefit, economic fraud etc.

People with Mercury in the 2nd house suffer the least from unemployment as 2nd house represent profession too. Their rapid mind can always find a solution about what to do to earn money. Such natives are always have any kind of side job apart from their regular job where they will use their intellect such as coaching, tuitions, work from home, running a website etc.

Weak Mercury will take more time to accomplish their goals. They should be careful with legal contracts and business partnerships.

Mercury in the 3rd House:

Such people spend a lot of time socializing for communication and information purposes. They develop good speaking and writing abilities in their childhood as 3rd house represent primary education.

3rd house is an important house of profession and entrepreneurial nature. Mercury provides mixed results in 3rd House. These natives are sharp, fond of reading and gaining knowledge. They may have good number of siblings. They use intellect to solve problems at workplace and in general life. If afflicted then they may suffer from nervous breakdown (Mercury rules the nervous system), troubles due to their expressive and talkative personality, possibilities of speech related issues. Mercury in 3rd House with Sun gives best results followed by Mars and Jupiter. Mars may give some anger issues and angry speech.

Mercury is information hungry, reading newspapers/blogs, watching news, browsing internet; these people are occupied in these things. These people hate boredom. Mercury joined or aspected by Jupiter make them witty and gives great sense of humor.

As the third house is ruling short journeys, the native will frequently travel to nearby places inspiring him mostly for reading, writing or thinking may be in order to write or read books.

Here 9th house planet will make different as it will have direct aspect on 3rd house.

Mercury in the 4th House:

Mercury is mind, 4th house is home, and Mercury in the 4th house makes the native’s mind focused on his home and his family. Here parent, especially mother will play very important role to develop child’s personality and encourage him to make more intelligent. The placement of planet Mercury in 4th house would keep the person attached to the home and family. These natives will always stay involved in most of the family matters. These people believe in their family system and keep them. Native will try to stay and enjoy homely environment but Mercury representing short trips will keep them engage in short journeys. He will prefer to never leave his birthplace or country as his mind will be constantly focused on his home affairs. The native having Mercury in fourth house will have a peaceful and blissful enclosure at home.

4th house is ruled by Moon. Mercury thinks of Moon as his enemy that is why Mercury is not sometime comfortable in 4th house. Moon is planet of emotions whereas Mercury is planet of logic both expressions are poles apart as emotions never have logic. This conflict is also visible in native’s education as Mercury in 4th house makes the person opt for education which may not be useful in his profession. For example, if native has studied Engineering then he may join Management Role. Native may be confused as he is studying and what he should study. Mercury will fill his mind with never ending thoughts and make him talk more rather than studying.
4th house is real estate matters, Mercury will use his intellect and information to deal with family finances and real estate matters as well as setting up his own.

Mercury in the 5th House:

5th house in astrology is all about Children, Higher Education, Analytical Bent of Mind, Intelligence, Speculative Gains, Spiritual Pursuits, Stomach Area, Romance, Happiness from Children, Sports. Fifth house covers all pleasant things in your life. Here planet intelligence meets the house of intelligence and result is stupendous. However, Mercury in 5th house is great for intelligence but not so good for Progeny.

The placement of Mercury in fifth house represents a good balance between mind and emotions as these natives are intellectual and sentimental. These guys can easily impress others as they are very eloquent for which they would be liked by people around as they will create entertaining environment around. These people can be very good writer, speaker or even artists.

As 5th house is higher education house, these natives will be highly motivated to grasp higher knowledge through higher education and enhance their information base. Besides which they would also be quiet curious about making social and romantic relationships.

Mercury in the 6th House:

Mercury generally is favorable in the 6th House as this house is ruled by Virgo, its own sign. 6th house is debts, disease, enemies, service etc. Mercury is smart, talkative and use logics to resolve the problems and peaceful solution by discussing issues. This is the best placement for diplomats and lawyers. 6th house is one of the upachaya house so here Mercury in its own sign will gain power in its strength.

6th house represents service, native will be very quick to learn new things, keep himself updated and adapting to new techniques very quickly in his job and in the projects they are working on. Mercury is fast moving planet, hence these natives are fast enough to change jobs with higher pay cheque. At the same time, they will be very prone to the anxiety and issues related to the mental and nervous health. Mercury dealing with finance may lead a debt situation and working hard without thinking about body needs may lead to diseases.

Mercury here will give criticizing or harsh communication pattern which may create some enemies in the process as 6th house has bad house image.

Planets like Sun or Mars with Mercury will make him argumentative, Jupiter is good with Mercury for professional results but bad for health, Mercury with Venus could promote lustful activities, Mercury with Saturn is great for Software Sector, Mercury with Moon is good for profession but bad for mental health. Along with Rahu or Ketu there may be nervous breakdown.

Mercury in the 7th House:

7th house is primarily marriage & partnership house. Mercury here is in the house of Venus – his friend. Mercury is a talkative planet, planet of logic and intelligence. There is a strong urge for communication with partner regarding new ideas & perspective even if other person does not want to listen. This trait may affect the relationship with spouse if native will use his logics instead of emotions. It is like singing a love song without love.
This placement gives a partner who is constantly on phone texting or speaking nonstop.

Since Mercury is a neutral planet, marriage may have less sex and more communication making the things further complicated. And since Mercury is dual nature planet, it is quite possible that native will have more than one relationship and keeping them all using his intellect. However, using his logic he will be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

On the other hand the same trait will benefit him in the business partnership, contracts, litigation and other unions. Mercury is business minded and articulate, Mercury is the best planet to handle these delicate and critical matters.

This placement will give good knowledge of law. In case that the native’s natal Mercury is retrograde, the placement would complicate a little bit the house’s matters, leading to over-analyzing the relationships and marriage. Placement of Mars as co-planet will further aggravate the situation as now harshness and aggression will add in the communication leading to break of marriage or business partnership. If Mercury is bad here it will give indigestion, skin problems, legal troubles and fights in marriage.

Mercury with Sun is good here, Mercury with Moon may give some misunderstanding in marriage, with Mars it is real bad for marriage and other partnership, with Jupiter it is real good, with Venus it may good for romance but not good for business, with Saturn it is not bad, with Rahu-Ketu it is bad.

Mercury in the 8th House:

8th house is complicated for Mercury like planet coz Mercury is way too fast and versatile for 8th house features. That is why Saturn is best suited here. Mercury in 8th House has its benefits as well as drawbacks. 8th house represents research, interest in mystical science, litigation, easy gains like things, here analytical and logical Mercurial mind can do well able to go deep into subject and uncover the truth and secrets. These natives are very good to uncover any hidden facts, at the same time, they can keep their secrets safe using their speech to make believe others. They love talking about topic like spirituality, death, life.

Mercury in the 8th house is a great placement for finances and working in governmental organizations. It is not uncommon that people with such a placement have a career as accountants for the government, in tax departments, banks or big multinational companies.

These people can be good astrologers, research fellow, detective, spy, a writer, a psychologist, a lawyer, stock broker, accountant etc.

However, if Mercury is not good in the chart, these people may use the secret and occult sciences against the people to harm them. Malicious Mercury may lead to a legal problem related to some inheritance or finances, may cause death to some close one – friend or relative.

Overall, matters of 8th house are best keep and deal as a secret but Mercurial nature may often leak such information due to his talkative nature. Natives with Mercury in 8th house should try their level best not to leak their knowledge or secrets to others.

Mercury in the 9th House:

Mercury in the 9th house will give mixed results. 9th house belongs to wisdom & foreign. Native will be very much interested in higher studies and learning different foreign languages. For this reason he may travel to foreign countries. They may become a successful professor or lecturer. Mercury in 9th house is great for doing business in foreign country. Mercury in 9th house makes the person to use his logic to question to the existing spiritual, philosophical, religious, social norms, tradition and customs.

In case Mercury is afflicted, some natives with Mercury in 9th house are quite rigid with their views and they may advocate to change. These natives generally have cordial relationship with father.

Due to features of this house, these people make good lawyers, judges, priests etc.

Mercury in the 10th House:

10th house belongs to Sun friend of Mercury. This is one of the best placement of Mercury if accompanied by a strong planet, Mercury alone would limit the scope. Mercurial feature of being smart, calculative, analytical, intellectual are great asset from career perspective now a days.

People who have Mercury in the 10th house can opt for careers connected with journalism, any kind of media jobs, own business, sales, marketing, publishing house, news, finances, accounting, research etc.

It will be better if Mercury is accompanied by some planet in this house as alone Mercury is too weak for the features of 10th house. Best placement is with Sun especially if distance between Sun and Mercury is less than twelve degrees to produce Budh-Aditya Yoga. Mercury with Moon is better for doing business related to liquid such as petroleum, chemicals etc. Mercury with Mars in 10th house gives a great career in Information Technology or as a Surgeon. Mercury with Jupiter in 10th house is great for role as lecturer or as a diplomat. Mercury with Venus is great for career related to cosmetics, music, arts, jewelry or other business associated to Venus. Mercury with Rahu in 10th house can make one politician. Mercury with Ketu will give spiritual effects.

Since Mercury is fast moving planet, it may also give fast moving career having many job changes. Mercury is very fast thinker when it comes to opt for best career or change in career due to any reason. Mercury will make sure that new career brings more opportunity, money and learning.

Mercury in the 11th House:

11th house is one of upachaya houses means growth & increment of the features and results of the planet placed here, so placement of Mercury indicating Mercury increasing its natural Karaktav. Mercurial qualities are suitable for this house provided it is in good shape here. Mercury people are attractive with good physical features so native with this placement may have charming personality. Afflicted Mercury may give skin related problems. Since it is primarily related with mind abilities, native will have enhanced intellect. In case of affliction native may use this intellect in a negative way like fraud, forgery etc.

Mercury is planet of friends and 11th is house of friends, this placement may give a lot of friends as Mercury is in the house of community so it will keep making a lot of friends even for shorter duration. This networking will help him gain financially as native will have many friends and great number of contacts. If Mercury is weak this feature may work against him as native may not be able to differentiate between good and bad friends.

Mercury is lord of 3rd (another upachaya) & 6th house in astrology so features of these houses will also get advancement in 11th house. Native may be a good writer, speaker or some entrepreneur. He will have good education which will help in his professional career. This placement enables you to earn money from trade and commerce, the legal profession, or any job where literary and mathematical abilities are needed. He will have good support from his co-workers, will win over his enemy. This placement get good support from elder sibling as 11th house represents elder siblings.

11th house is house of desires so native may have strong desire of material happiness. However this placement may make the native egoistic as he will think of himself supreme to others. It is good if Mercury is accompanied here with Sun or Venus.

As you can see in the chart of Mr. Narendra Modi, he has 11th house Mercury sitting in the sign of Virgo accompanied by Sun and a Budh-Aaditya yoga is being formed as both the planets are functional benefic.

Mercury in the 12th House:

12th house is house of Pisces and Mercury is debilitated in this house. 12th house is not so ideal place for Mercury. At the same time 6th lord placed in 12th house also creates Harsha Yoga. 12th house is house of loss, limitation and restriction. Mercurial features will be at stake here. 12th house will not let the native grow with his Mercurial skill sets. Features of 11th house may be at stake here. Native may not be happy physically and materially. He may have communication problem, lack of knowledge. This placement may also affect marital tie. Mercury is planet of business, native may have heavy losses in the business, his fast moving mind will always indulge in thoughts here and there – this may affect his peace of mind and sound sleep. Afflicted Mercury may add negative vibes in the communication and person may involve in back biting, gossiping or doing such unproductive things which will earn him nothing except loss of Mercurial energy.

12th house Mercurian has difficulty developing confidence in their abilities of expression, they don’t know how to talk about their feelings. These natives think too much, overanalyzing their feelings but say nothing. This deep thought processing makes them silent, caring, and spiritual to others. These people may be poet, writer, storyteller, dream-interpreter, astrologer or some humanitarian. They may be interested in religious activities, this kind of purpose or spiritual duty may trigger a journey to foreign land to explore more. These natives have great intuition power through meditation, reflection, or dreams.

They should be careful from any dealing with government or authority. Such natives have a strong fascination for young and attractive members of the opposite sex. Mercury is the planet of siblings, this placement may damage the relationship to siblings, could be death of sibling or dissolution of relationship. These natives are prone to mental illness.


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