Moon in different Houses

Moon is natural benefic, if own 4,7,10 houses from Ascendant and are retrograde, will cause problems for the houses they are placed in and own. For Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio ascendant Moon acts like a Sun. Bad Moon gives problems to mother, problems relating to property, school education, marriage, and mental peace. Pearl or Moti is the gemstone of the planet Moon. The Moon rules the northwest direction. Moon is not enemy with any planet but some planets are enemy with Moon, for example, Moon treats Mercury as a friend but Mercury treats Moon as enemy.

Moon in the 1st House:

Feelings are very important for these people. Moon is care, emotions and peace. The 1st house tells about physical and mental tendencies of the individual. Moon in 1st house people can be very psychic, catch future events through dreams and read the feelings and thoughts of other people just by being near them. These people are very sensitive and caring and love being cared of. They cannot hide their emotions – may burst into laugh in one moment and start crying another moment due to which they can easily be manipulated emotionally by other people. These people have tendency to become sad or moody without any reason as Moon is a very fast moving planet and so is their emotions. Natives with the Moon in the 1st house have a very deep relationship with their mother. They seem to be romantic at heart, love to exchange presents, organizing surprises, despite all these they feel insecure in their relationship and fear the negative events of future which may or may not come.

Moon is somehow shows feminine tendency, and these people have such touch. If Moon is accompanied by Venus then native will be very fashionable. It is good to have a masculine sign with. Moon makes the person a good cook and if 10th house or 6th house is anyways connected with ascendant then person may have a career in cooking.

However, these people are very hasty in their judgments without depending on logic and common sense. In Vrischika Rashi native may be libidinous by nature. In Vrisabha Rashi native may get good character, morality and fortune. Planets like Shani, Rahu, Mangal or Ketu are co-tenants in which case natives maybe negative, angry or detached from life. Fiery signs like Aries, Saggitarius, or Leo makes the native popular, signs like Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn will give a lot of travel.

As you can see in the kundli of Mr. Narendra Modi, he is born in Scorpio lagna, Mars and Moon is also present in lagna, being in Scorpio sign his Moon is debilitated. However, there is also Neech Bhang Yoga as Moon is with Mars in Lagna in its own sign hence debilitation of Moon stands cancelled.

Weak Moon gives problems to mother, problems relating to property (he does not have any property), school education (he had very basic education), marriage (he is unmarried), and mental peace (he is a thinker).

Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Katy Perry, Kate Winslet, Antonio Banderas are some big names having Moon in the 1st house.

Moon in the 2nd House:

These natives generally have pleasant and attractive look, moon here gives good face. Moon represents the tide of the sea. Tide means fluctuation. As in the 1st house Moon gives emotional fluctuation, so in the 2nd house Moon gives fluctuation in the income. Native will be very sensitive towards his wealth and belongings, however, will have his income fluctuating frequently. Having Moon in the 2nd house does not give stable finance, money will definitely come but go in the same speed, making native wait for next payment. They feel emotionally secured when they have enough money. Financial position always keep them restless. Moon also represent mother, so financial background of mother also matters here to the fluctuating income of native. Mother may also be struggling with finances in her life.

So afflicted Moon is not good here as it will get the native into some sort of not so good activities to earn money. Since Moon represents cooking and 2nd house represents food, native may be fond of eating and spend money on food and related things. May also spend in decorating his home. Native will born in good family have good upbringing, he will have good voice and speech.

As long as Moon is not afflicted, it would bring good results.

Moon in the 3rd House:

Moon may feel uncomfortable in the third house. 3rd house is house of communication, represents understanding and logical ability to make decisions. Moon gives fluctuation in the thought process. Native will be very confused to take right decision and thought fluctuation will not let him take the logical approach rather he can go emotional. With the Moon in the third house native tend to daydream, and your mind is full of feelings. Native has trouble concentrating on one task and easily bored with routine work, needs variety. An association with Venus may give career in Movies or Television or anything related to media. Moon provides ample opportunity to be writer.

Native will be very good in communication and being a voice for a group or circle, can work as a teacher or spokesperson. Moon in third house also provides opportunities for travels. Native will be good in public relations, have great rapport with siblings and have good neighbors. This placement will prove fruitful as long as there is a favorable rashi and no aspects or placement of enemy planets.

Moon in the 4th House:

Moon is at home in the 4th house. 4th house is ruled by Moon and this placement is generally very auspicious as 4th is one of the Kendra houses. 4th house talks about family, childhood, basic education, home environment, and one you will set up your own, property inherited from father or mother, marital harmony etc. Native will have wealth, property from parents, good cars and vehicles. The greatest attribute of this placement is mother. Native will have great caring & loving mother meeting all his demands. He will have good relationship with his father and siblings. He will have blessed married life too.

However, any connection (either conjunction or aspect) of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars with Moon may cause loss of property, death of mother, loss of domestic peace etc. Placement of Jupiter or Venus will do well, aspect of Sun will also be beneficial.

Take a look at the kundli of Mr. Donald Trump, malefic Moon in 4th house suggests not so good family and married life. Trump is known for his fickle temperament due to weak moon. Weak moon also affects your social status as Trump and his companies are involved in more than 3500 legal cases in US.

As long as there are no aspects or placement of enemy planets 4th house Moon is a very favorable placement.

Moon in the 5th House:

Moon is generally welcome in the fifth house with native getting fame, fortune, romance and good children. 5th house is Sun’s house and Jupiter is also considered for 5th house, so Sun and Jupiter strength is important for 5th house. Both planet are friends to Moon so native is happy and intelligent. Moon in the 5th house may also suggest romantic nature and a love marriage. Moon in 5th house may give 1st child as girl. Since Moon represent emotional tide within, native needs to be very careful in the matters of speculation and speculative gains such as stock market, gambling etc.

For example kundli of Mr. Hritik Roshan, his Moon is well placed at 20.53 degree in 5th house, he will have good kids.

If there is any conjunction or aspect of the malefic or enemy planets then there could be problem in conceiving child or with children themselves like enmity with children. The presence of Ketu in the 5th house and placement of 5th lord with Venus delays the childbirth. The presence of 5th lord in the 12th house is not favorable. The placement of Jupiter and aspect of Saturn on the 5th house along with the Mars and Mercury delays the childbirth because Saturn is a malefic and a slow planet, its aspect or shadow in any house brings delayed work. Friendly planet or rashi will make more sense here as it is very auspicious place.

Moon in the 6th House:

Soft Moon is basically not a right planet in the sixth house of debt, disease, service and enemy. If this is the case then it is better supported by fiery rashis like aries, leo, and saggitarius. Moon represents mother so there will be a problem related to motherly factor – damaged relationship, lack of motherly care, mother may be struggling herself. Moon rules the blood, chest and lungs, there could be problems of blood impurities, stone, cough and cold or some long and incurable ailment like Paralysis, water retention, heart and lack of sleep. Moon primarily controls the mind, in 6th house native may be filled with negative emotions. Native may be victim of various kind of debts and diseases leading to the state of depression. Workplace could be another area where native may have problems.

If Moon is accompanied by other soft planets like Jupiter or Venus, it will help. In routine life these people mind are engaged with resolving the challenges, overcome the obstacles, issues of others, being critical, analytical and focused on details of all the tasks they take at hand. Due to these experiences these people are good healers and problem solvers – may become doctors, nurses, lawyer etc.

At first this may seem not so good placement, but by the time these people become expert of facing problems in their life and don’t mind facing more of it.

Moon in the 7th House:

7th house is the house of Venus being the ruler of sign Libra. Moon is friend with Venus, both planets are benefic, hence if this placement of Moon in the 7th house is free from any malefic aspect, conjunction, or any other kind of effect then it will prove good to the native. Prime feature of 7th house is life partner so native will get caring & loving partner, if afflicted then partner could cheat on him or vice-versa. If Moon is conjunct with Rahu or Ketu the native may be less interested in the family or marriage related things as his mind will become detached from all this as Rahu, Ketu represent separation, lack of interest, turmoil in the things related to the house in which it is sitting. It’s not able to see the single direction that will calm it down. In your 7th house it can create problems in your marriage & in business partnership.

7th house moon would want to form relationships and cooperative interaction with people in order to maintain their own emotional stability in marriage, partnerships and the public. They may want to care for other people or they may expect other people to care for them. In business, these either serve the other people with their skills or expect associates to serve them. These people with Moon in the 7th house require a great deal of emotional support/security/protection from relationship which may trigger early marriage. They want to belong to someone and be taken care of in order to feel comfortable with their own lives.

Moon in the 8th House:

8th house represents mysterious things, native is drawn to unknown, mysterious things, fascinated by death and related topics such as ghosts, spirits, current life, after life etc. Native emotional nature is also secretive and complex. Such person will hide their emotions and feelings from others because they fear that they won’t understand. Such people always feel isolated, alone and depressed. They may have psychic abilities to look into the lives of other. At the same time Moon in the 8th house give loving, caring, and healing nature and may attract people with emotional needs. Due to weak emotional quotient, sometime others may take advantage of you physically, emotionally or financially. Person may be inclined towards sexual relationship.

Such people may have career like psychiatry, psychology, medicine, research, criminal work, detective work, coroner, funeral & mortuary related fields. On positive note, Moon here make native wealthy through inheritance or unexpected gains. Marriage will also prove to be financially beneficial as partner will be wealthy or bring wealth, in-laws will also contribute in the same and will be supportive too.

Moon will give certain health issues related to blood, eyes, lungs, chest, stomach etc. Females may feel problems during menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Moon in the 9th House:

It is one of the trikona houses and fortune house. Auspicious placement of Moon in this house without any malicious effect tells that person will have his share of good luck in this life. Native has high standards of life and has many hobbies. 9th house shows the wisdom and religion – a person’s interest in spirituality and philosophy. These people are very curious and philosophical always looking for new experiences. Fickle Moon will not let the mind of native rest and native will not be satisfied with the current life and there will be a desire to search for different which will take native to long travels abroad. Traveling may be a big part of their life especially to foreign countries to explore life experiences related to religion and philosophy. They may have multiple nationalities. Since 9th house also represent ‘Publishing’, these native may also involve to share their experiences through print media or printing so that others could be benefited too.

These people may make a good teacher/mentor, religious guru, or professor of higher learning due to their interest in the researching the topic and having depth knowledge of the same. Mother will have good role in the development of moral, religious value of the native from childhood. 9th house belong to father too so father will have important role in the life too.

However, bad aspect, conjunction of malefics, weak moon itself will have different outcomes from the 9th house, may not be so good.

As you can see in the kundli of Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, he has Moon in his 9th house but badly placed, weak Moon is the lord of 6th house (being malefic) sitting in 9th house.

Moon in the 10th House:

Moon here is in the house of his enemy Saturn, however, 10th is Kendra house and planet in Kendra house are considered auspicious. Moon in the karam chetra will aspect the 4th house of family & happiness means native will get the happiness from the work or career he will choose so it represents success. Problem with Moon is its fickle nature so any house it is placed it brings some kindly fluctuation. In 10th house it represents changing career of native. Moon is a watery planet, so native may working in water or sea related profession such as navy, shipping industry, fish industry etc. Moon belongs to agriculture so native may be doing agriculture jobs like farming. Moon belongs to cloth & food so it could be business related to cloth industry, dry-cleaning, hotel, restaurant, etc. Moon also represents female so it could be women related jobs such as beauty parlor etc. Moon and 4th house both belongs to society so native may be famous in the society. 10th house is 4th from 7th so having good Moon will also ensure happy marriage life.

Overall it is good placement if Moon is free from affliction, afflicted Moon in 10th house may cause for mental stress in professional life and other areas it is connected to as described above. Moon in 10th house provides mixed results. It may be a blessing for some while a curse for others. The rashi and co-tenants may make or break your career. 10th house decides what way your life would move forward. Planets like Shani, Mangal, Rahu and Ketu with Chandra in tenth house would suggest lots of hardships before finally achieving desired success in life.

Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, Salman Khan, Ashton Kutcher, Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sylvester Stallone have Moon in their 10th house.

Moon in the 11th House:

Moon is a Graha of dual characteristics and changeableness. It increases in strength in Sukla-Paksha and it declines in strength in Krsna-Paksha. Strong Moon behave like a Sattva Graha, while weak Moon behave like a Tamas Graha.
This placement may be very good if Moon is affliction free. 11th house is gain house i.e. one of the upachaya house – gain of higher education, business, job, speculation, friends, social circle, foreign sources, inheritance etc. Eleventh house is very public and oriented toward others. Native will have good social circle and good number of friends or network of friends. With the Moon in the eleventh house you have many friends particularly women. These folks love making new friends, they are regular party goers. These people love working with others and for others such as fundraising activities. Group is their strength. Friends support them in bad times. But the nature of friendships depend on the nature of the Moon’s aspects and its sign placement.

Native will have good intellect, either in business or job, he will be successful. If placement is really good then he will have good chances in speculation too like lottery or share market etc. Since Moon primarily represents females, daughters will be more in numbers than son. Generally person is rich and wealthy, he will be fond of travelling abroad. If Moon is conjunct with Saturn person may be liar or have extra marital affair. If Moon is conjunct with Venus person may be a trader of precious gems and diamonds. Weak Moon in 11th house will give more expenses than income.

If 2nd, 11th and 9th houses are connected with each other in one way or another, it creates tremendous wealth scope in the kundli.

George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Gosling, Lindsay Lohan, Mila Kunis, Tom Hanks are some big names having Moon in 11th house.

Moon in the 12th House:

12th house is the house of Saturn. Moon in 12th house is weak. Features of 11th house is at stake here. If 11th Moon makes the native very social, 12th Moon makes the native very private and often feeling isolated. These natives are emotionally confused and over-sensitive to any advice or criticism. They feel vulnerable to the reaction of other people and find it hard to deal with people on daily basis. They are hesitant to reveal their feelings and needs and suffer from feelings of claustrophobia. They have a sense of loneliness and feel unsupported, helpless although it may not be the case and just side effects of 12th house moon. Native maybe stressed by constant worries and anxieties. Delays are expected in normal routine jobs. Childhood memories or experiences play major role in such behavior. Moon rules the mother and often reflects a parent who was hospitalized, in prison or in some other 12th house institution. The mother may have even passed away early in life.

12th house Moon can give eye problems. If Moon is free from affliction or negative aspect he may settle abroad and live a happy life. If there are planets like Ketu or Guru influencing Moon in some way then native may become spiritual and religious. There are chances of being deceived by women. The natives with Chandra in 12th house are very good natured and even spend good amount on charity. Native may retire early from his/her job or business.

If there is exalted Moon in 12th house or in its own sign, native will own beautiful houses and endowed with great pleasures.

Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Renée Zellweger, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Matt Damon are some of the celebrities having Moon in 12th house.

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