Myths Regarding Diamond Gemstone and If It Suits You

The largest natural diamond, the Cullinan, was approximately 3,100 carats (620 g) in rough form. The gemstone known as the Great Star of Africa (shown below) was cut and polished from the Cullinan, and at 530 carats is the largest clear cut diamond in the world.

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Just like Blue Sapphire or Neelam, Diamond or Heera can also bring bad luck if it does not suit you. It is worn to get rid of trouble caused by wrong effects of Venus such as sexual disorders, impotency, infertility, sperm count problem, etc. Some face problem after wearing diamond like broken marriage, financial loss, accidents, etc.

It is advisable to check that diamond suites you or not before you wear it permanently, the way you can check is take a diamond and keep it with for one week to see what type of effects it causes on your daily like, health, financial or other. It everything goes well then diamond is for you. There are a few of substitutes of diamond as well in the market which you can try such as white sapphire.

But, above all suggesting someone to wear a diamond ring needs a great level of astrological expertise. Plus, it is almost impossible to find and wear a natural diamond as a gemstone. 

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Here are some myths and facts about Diamonds you should definitely know:

There is NO Pure-Genuine-Flawless Diamond Exist in the World

The most common natural diamonds known as type Ia, make up 98% of all natural diamonds and contain up to 0.3% impurity or defect. Second type of diamonds known as type IIa, are extremely rare, accounting for only about 1% of mined diamonds.

80 Percent Diamonds are Artificial

Big companies around the world involved in diamond business mimic the environment of the Earth’s surface in the laboratory to create artificial diamonds. Over 80- percent of diamonds are synthesizing diamonds mined and used for industrial purposes such as cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling. Today, the industrial world annually consumes about 800 tons of synthetic diamond. That’s about 150 times the weight of natural diamonds mined as gemstones.

“Diamonds are Forever” Ads and the De Beers Corporation

De Beers set up the first large-scale diamond mines in South Africa and convinced consumers that engagement rings should always have a diamond through their most successful advertising campaigns in history and… “You Convinced”!

Diamond is not a good investment

It is rather status symbol. With diamonds, the cost of selling is either equivalent to or lower to the buying value. Margins on cut diamonds have become extremely thin i.e. just inside of 5%.

Diamonds are not so precious

There are other precious gems than diamond such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Pure red rubies are so rare there is no trade data available.

Diamonds aren’t the most expensive gem in any size. If you compare diamonds with gems based on other qualities, you’ll get similar results. You can find small, low-quality diamonds in quantity for just $1 a piece. On eBay, you can find many diamonds under $20. These are far from precious.

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