How to do Naukasana – Boat Pose

Boat is called nauka in the Sanskrit. This asana looks like just a boat as entire body takes the shape of boat while practising. This asana can be performed in two ways either by lying on your back or by lying on your abdomen. One is called naukasana and another one is called ‘vipareet naukasana’ (inverted boat pose).

While doing this asana try to keep your legs straight as much as possible in the 45 degree angle.

Steps to do Naukasana

Lie on your back, keep your feet together and arms beside your body. Inhale deeply and as you exhale, lift your chest and feet off ground. Stretch your arms straight towards feet. Bend the chest towards your feet, you will feel contraction in your abdominal muscles. In the final position, your eyes, fingers and toes should be in line with each other. Once in the final pose, you will feel a great pull in your body to maintain the balance and position. Once you feel tired, come back to the original position while inhaling.

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Vipareet Naukasana Technique

Lie on your stomach, keep your legs together, and stretch your arms in the front, parallel to each other with palms facing each other. Your arms should touch your ears, and your chest and forehead should touch the ground. Now inhale deeply, and lift your arms, your head and chest and your legs off the floor simultaneously. Pull your head up and arch the spine as much as you can. Now, hold your breath and try to balance your body on your abdomen, this is the final position. Your fingers and toes should be inline.

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To get out of the position, exhale and bring your arms, legs, head, and chest slowly on the ground. Remember, holding the breath is the key performance of this asana. This is one of the best posture to reduce the bally fat.

One can do these asanas for 15-30 seconds initially, gradually increasing the time.
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  1. Helps to reduce belly fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  2. Improve the function of digestion.
  3. Good for developing six pack ABS.
  4. Maintain the sugar level.
  5. Improves the blood circulation.
  6. Strengthens the muscles of thigh, necks and shoulder.
  1. Do not do this if you are suffering from blood pressure problem, joint problems, headache, or migraine.
  2. Hernia and ulcer patients should not do this pose.
  3. Women with pregnency and menstrual cycle should not do this.
  4. Pregnant women should not practice this boat pose.
  5. Avoid practicing during periods

[highlight]It is advisable to perform any asana in the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.[/highlight]

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