Cancellation of Debility | Neech Bhang Yoga

In any natal chart, some planets are exalted and some are debilitated. Debilitation of the planets are serious issue as they might give bad to worst results according to their placement in the natal chart. The exaltation and debilitation of each planet can be checked here.

At the same time, there are a few exceptions to this astrological rule i.e. Neech Bhang Yoga which confirms the cancellation of debility in kundli which means that now the planet is very less harmful than it may be in the debilitated state. These exceptions for cancellation of debility are:

  • If the lord of the rashi (sign) occupied by the debilitated planet is in the Kendra (centre) from the Moon or the Lagna (ascendant).
  • If the lord of the rashi where debilitated planet is exalted is in the Kendra position from the Moon or the Lagna.
  • If the lord of the rashi occupied by the debilitated graha aspects the debilitated graha itself.
  • If the planet which will exalt in the rashi occupied by debilitated graha is in the Kendra position from the Moon or Lagna.
  • If the debilitation planet is associated with or aspected by its exaltation lord.
  • If the debilitated planet exchanges houses with its debilitation Lord.
  • Debilitation of planet is also cancelled when it is with an exalted planet.
  • Debilitated planets either ruling or posited in house 3 or 6 can give raja-yoga in the periods and sub-periods.
  • If the 6th, 8th and 3rd houses are occupied by debilitated planets, and the ascendant lord is exalted or in its own house or aspects the ascendant, there is raja yoga.
  • Raja yoga is also formed if the 6th, 8th, and 12th lords are in fall or in inimical signs or in combustion and the ascendant lord is placed in its own sign or in its exaltation sign or aspects the ascendant.

Further, while analyzing the debilitation of any planet, also consult the Navamansha Chart to check the debilitation planet placement.

Let’s check these principles from an example chart.


Look at the chart above. From all astrological principles it proves that in the kundli Mars is in the bad shape and will not produce good results due to the following reasons:

  • It is debilitated in the Cancer.
  • It is in the sixth house.
  • It has direct malefic aspect from the Saturn in the 12th house.

However, if you will consult the above mentioned rules for the cancellation of debility in natal chart, you will see that two rules are applied here.

  • First, Mars is in the Moon house, and Moon is in the Mars i.e rule of exchange the houses.
  • Second, Mars exalts in Capricorn and its Lord Saturn is in the Kendra from the Moon.So here it is completely neech bhanga yoga in this kundli for the person and Mars will not be harmful for him.

Further more interesting part is that here Mars is creating raja-yoga for this person. From the above mentioned rules, we see that Mars is in the sixth house ruling third house, and lagna lord is in its own house, but the strongest significance is the Navamansha Kundli where Mars is actually exalted in Capricorn hence creating raja-yoga in the period of Mars. Also, from the lagna kundli, it is evident that Mars is the ruler planet for the 10th house – the house of career which means the person career will boom when Mars dasha will begin.

Gautam Trehan

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