Ox Dog Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Ox Dog Compatibility is good for both the partners. Let’s read in detail about their Chinese Zodiac compatibility analysis.

Dog Personality in Ox Dog Compatibility:

Dogs are known to be faithfulness and loyalty. Same goes with Dog people. They are very faithful, loyal and responsible in what they do or who they connect with. You can rely on them easily as they never cheat. They believe success comes only through hard work even if you are destined for it. They are very disciplined people and never compromise on their principles to gain success. They are very straightforward people and not at all afraid of opposing what is wrong or who is wrong; they are brave and courageous. Though sometimes they have mood swings but soon they come to their senses.

These people are not very communicative and face challenges while expressing their thoughts and feelings to others. Same way they are not that good at socializing with others. Among all the zodiacs Dogs are superbly famous for their sense of justice and they can fight for it unlimited without giving up. These people are generally very helpful to other; however, they don’t accept help easily. Dogs are intuitive and can sense what is coming. This helps them to execute the future plans effectively. They are broadminded and see the larger picture of life. They are generally healthy and seldom fall sick.

Dogs are conservative in nature and same apply in their love life. They take good time to judge people before committing to relationship. However, once they have decided, they will never back off from the relationship and will protect it from every way possible.

On the downside, Dogs are short tempered and stubborn. Sometimes they have dependency on others for their assignment; if they are not happy they become argumentive and tend to criticize others. They have a fear of uncertainty and are of suspicious nature and don’t trust others easily.

Bill Clinton and Judy Garland are famous Dog personalities.

Year of the Dog:

Year of Dog : 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 2006, 2018

Ox Personality:

We know Ox as an earth plowing animal with all their strong build and hard work. So are Oxen people. They are extremely hard working and seldom complaint about circumstances. Oxen are serene, uncomplaining, stable and consistent personalities. They are very tolerant and can wait forever for their turn. They take time to decide on things, however, once decided it is impossible to budge them. They will take the path decided come what may. They are fearless and don’t care about external factors, advises and criticism.

This can be taken as persistence; however, there may be times when external factors influence the expected outcome. Problem with Ox approach is lack of flexibility to change the original plan when it is required most and Oxen may be disappointed at the end. This is why Oxen are infamous for their stubbornness which cost them. When it comes to character, they are very genuine people. They are very loyal to the people and expect the same from them. You can trust them with all your money as they never share the secret and betray the people. Very faithful to their partner, they cannot tolerate any kind of infidelity. Their other negative and bad feature is their temper. Although they are very patient and tolerant; but you would not like to test their limit and see an Ox furious as they can cause a great mayhem.

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Barack Obama and Saddam Hussein are famous Ox men.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Ox Dog Love Relationship Compatibility:

Ox Dog compatibility is one of the very positive relationships. They will at ease with each other. Both are faithful, hardworking and logical. Both are committed and persistent towards their goal, never giving up until they have achieved it. Together, they are sure to make logical, well thought and risk proof decisions.

Dogs have a problem of fear of uncertainty and anxiety related to this uncertainty. In comparison Oxen are far more relaxed and mentally stable and they will prove to be a great support for Dogs to overcome their fear. Both are benchmark of loyalty and faithfulness so there will no question of cheating of each other.

In this relationship Ox will provide strength and confidence to the Dog. On the other hand Dogs are far more flexible than Oxen who is stubborn with their decisions. Dogs can change themselves as per the new situation. Dog will help Ox to be flexible in real life to see the broader perspective of the any given situation. Dogs are suspicious by nature and dont trust people easily. Here Ox comes very handy with their stable and honest character and Dog will find it very comfortable to trust on Ox with their secrets.

Since both are less social in their personal life, it will give them a great time to be together at home. We all know how much Oxen like to be at home spending quality time with their loved ones. Sexually, both are excellent partners in bed fulfilling each other’s desire. This gives them another reason to always be together since they keep each other happy.

Like in any other marriage in the world they will have their share of frictions. Since both are stubborn, it could lead to a dogfight between the two. However, given their intelligence, they will soon come to an agreement without creating any further chaos. Dogs and Oxen make great partners because they have similar features and they are agreed on most of the things very easily without much disagreement. They will have very few rough patches together which they will certainly overcome with their intelligence.

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