Ox Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how Ox Dragon compatibility in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Dragon Personality in Ox Dragon Compatibility:

Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and fire power so is the Dragon personality. They seek authority, power & respect in every phase of life and they get it due to their larger than life persona. Among all the zodiacs, Dragon is the most free and independent spirit. They are very unpredictable and unquenchable; cannot be restricted or controlled. They respect rules but don’t abide by them and can break it when they want. They love to experiment and find new ways to do things. They are very assured to take initiatives.

However, such things work for Dragon and make them colorful, full of energy, exuberant, confident and stylish. They are super social and very extroverted – imagine them as a wild party animal that enjoys every occasion of social activities. He not just only enjoys these events but become a center of attention immediately. People love to be around them. Their another distinguish feature is grandness; whatever they do is monumental on scale. They are very ambitious and don’t think or do anything small. For them big is beautiful. They are fearless and great risk takers; not afraid of challenges. On top of it, they are super confident and whatever they do they come out with flying colors.

Dragons are very generous and help others in need; however they don’t expect help from others easily due to their pride issue. They are restless and can work tirelessly but they should know when they are exhausted and take proper rest. Interestingly, with all their colorful personality, they are loner. They can be surrounded with people but they don’t bring them too close. Dragons are best when left alone. This is the reason they generally don’t settle or never settle in life; get married or have kids.

Tony Sheridan and Hosni Mubarak are famous Dragon personalities.

Year of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Ox Personality:

We know Ox as an earth plowing animal with all their strong build and hard work. So are Oxen people. They are extremely hard working and seldom complaint about circumstances. Oxen are serene, uncomplaining, stable and consistent personalities. They are very tolerant and can wait forever for their turn. They take time to decide on things, however, once decided it is impossible to budge them. They will take the path decided come what may. They are fearless and don’t care about external factors, advises and criticism.

This can be taken as persistence; however, there may be times when external factors influence the expected outcome. Problem with Ox approach is lack of flexibility to change the original plan when it is required most and Oxen may be disappointed at the end. This is why Oxen are infamous for their stubbornness which cost them. When it comes to character, they are very genuine people. They are very loyal to the people and expect the same from them. You can trust them with all your money as they never share the secret and betray the people. Very faithful to their partner, they cannot tolerate any kind of infidelity. Their other negative and bad feature is their temper. Although they are very patient and tolerant; but you would not like to test their limit and see an Ox furious as they can cause a great mayhem.

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Barack Obama and Saddam Hussein are famous Ox men.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Ox Dragon Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac

They both like money, materialism and comfortable life; however, their spending habits are very different. Dragon is extravagant whereas Ox spends in a very thoughtful way. Both are physically very strong. Ox is more of an introvert personality, Dragon is totally extrovert. This makes Ox Dragon compatibility a bit challenging but not impossible.

It will be very hard for Ox to resist the vivacious, charismatic and charming personality of Dragon. In fact nobody can. Dragon too will feel attracted to the silent and calm Ox who will stand out from the crowd in a corner and will easily be noticeable. Dragon style of dating includes fine dining and extravagant shopping. Love at first sight will click on the spot initially and bring both closer through love of material comforts and aesthetic pleasures.

Both have bundle of energy and both are hardiest worker. They can work tirelessly long hours until the goal is achieved.  Dragon’s good luck and Ox’s practicality will bring them the desired results easily. Rest assured, their home will have all the comforts, luxuries and the finest things money can buy. Their bedroom will have quite an action clubbed with Ox sensuality and Dragon firework.

Still, Ox Dragon compatibility will be hard to survive. Both are driven by self-esteem. Their ego clash will make it almost impossible to stay under one roof.  Compared to Ox, Dragon is a highly authoritative and dominant personality. They will try to control the relationship and take all relevant decisions. It might be ok with Ox, however those decisions will be purely in a Dragon style which will be very hard to digest to Ox. Dragon will not consider any opinion given by Ox as they don’t like anyone to tell them what to do.

We know Ox is extremely calm and patient, however, lies beneath this patience is fierce temper which no one likes to provoke. Then comes the social feature; they are polar opposite in this department as their nature of social engagement is very divergent. It can severely hurt their compatibility. Dragon is an omnivorous and king of social circles always a center of attention.

The Ox on the other hand is most comfortable at home having a nice cup of tea and watching movie. Ox wants a peace of mind. They have extremely divided and different opinion about how to spend weekend. Ox is least bothered about Dragon being highly social but will be more concerned about the chaotic routine which comes along with Dragon’s lifestyle.

Plus being a partner it will not be easy for Ox to see the other partner flirting with opposite sex in Ox presence. We know Ox is very jealous in this area and cannot tolerate infidelity. Ox is an admirer of a secured relationship, for Dragon nothing is secured.

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