Ox Horse Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Ox Horse Compatibility scores low in Chinese Zodiac compatibility analysis. Let’s read in detail.

Horse Personality in Ox Horse Compatibility:

Horse people are extremely active and sometimes restless. They have energy levels which is hard to match for any other zodiac. They are very lively and full of life always on the go! They are so dynamic and can’t sit idle at all. They will use their idle time to explore, invent or doing unpredictable things. They are generally well built and attractive, popular among friends and families. Their witty and jovial nature is a sure hit among others. They can use any situation to amuse people.

They are sharp minded people, very quick and responsive to any given situation whatever it is. Practicality is their another strong feature. They don’t behave emotionally. They are few of the rarest breed of the people who know how to control and manipulate the emotions. They are very dependable too. Horses start and control their own life in very early stage due to the fact that they are always buzzing with ideas about things to experience in life. This is the reason they become financially independent very soon.

On the downside is their desire to make everything happen in their way which is not possible. However, due to their perfectionist nature they keep trying which make them restless which in turn cause hypertension, insomnia etc. They should learn to relax (which is very difficult for them).

Nelson Mandela and Kobe Bryant are famous Horse personalities.

Year of the Horse:

Years of the Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026

Ox Personality:

Oxen are conservative and traditionalist personalities. Endurance is their another name. At times they are moody. Oxen are sensitive and emotional. They may not seem very intelligent but they are very observant. They prefer relaxed and quiet life and surroundings. They are not very outgoing type and prefer to stay at home most of the times. Their home is their best destination in the world.

Oxen live generally financially contended life. All their money is hard earned without any luck factor. They build money over the years with their consistency and loyalty towards their work. They are generally very concerned about their finances as they love to live a prosperous life. They have a saving tendency; however, they are not good with money matters. It is possible that they may risk their savings on some unpredictable source and regret later.

Oxen are very inexpressive and lack romanticism. Just like them their love life is also very calm. Their partners should not expect any kind of surprises, gifts, flirting or crazy ideas from them. Since they are very passive communicator and not good with impressing someone with their speech; it makes their love life very dull. So their partners should be well aware and understanding of this feature. They may seem unconnected from their love life but inside they have a passionate lover who just does not know the requisites. However, Oxen are known to protect and care their loved ones at any cost. They are ready to do sacrifices for this reason. They are just little worried and suspicious about the partner’s loyalty.

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Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Ox Horse Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac:

Ox Horse Compatibility is low compatible relationship which demands a great work from both sides to survive. This couple has some contrasting features which may eventually lead to a chaos in relationship. This relationship requires a rock solid understanding of partners on each other.

Interesting part is that both will be very much attracted to each other in first instance due to their distinct features which may later become a bone of contention. Ox will be very impressed with the Horse personality and their passionate and innovative ideas about exploring the life doing different things in life. Horse friendly nature and communicative power will be another attraction to Ox. Horse will be impressed by the Ox calm, caring and stable nature, its consistency to execute any task with full focus. Horse can show a fun and adventurous side of the life to Ox, Ox can teach Horse how to be stable and consistent in life waiting for the right time.

Both are practical, determined and hardworking. Ox is slow but steady in execution; Horse does everything in a full force using all its power packed energy. So they will probably achieve all their financial and material goals as they desire in life.

Major difference is Horses are very outgoing and restless people; can’t stick to one place for a long time. Oxen are just opposite; they are calm and patient and can stick to a place till eternity. Horse lives in the moment and they always want to do new things which stimulate their mind and body. Oxen are reserved.

The Ox is homebody and loves to spend their lazy time at home sitting in couch, watching TV or just doing routine house work. On the opposite side, Horses are outgoing and sociable; they love to meet people and discover new things. Such difference always has a scope of conflict between them.

If they want this relationship to work, they will have to make some changes in their personalities. However, this is easier said than done. Their core personality traits will make it hard to solving issues between them. Ox’s stubborn and obstinate character will not allow adapting as per the new situation. Ox will prefer to stick to the old rules. Horses have tendency to think they are always right. This relationship requires a lot of mending time to time.

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