Ox Ox Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Ox and Ox compatibility go by the Chinese Zodiac rules. But first we need to understand Ox personality as a men and women.

Ox Men Personality

Ox men are focused and stubborn. They are hard working and leave no stone unturned to ensure success. However, they want things to be done in their way. Ox men are patient and can wait forever without affecting by the ups and downs of the life. They are down to earth, reserved and shy people which mean they are not social and don’t make enough friends. Their home is their coziest place on the earth where they find ultimate peace. They like routine style of life. They prefer their conservative style of thinking and living and don’t look for new experiences. They are not ambitious and daring type; don’t take uncalculated risks. It is not easy to take them out of their shell. That is why they are considered boring. They are practical, well organized and stable personality. They are very predictable you can judge them easily with their way of working. They will sacrifice any priorities of their life for the sake of their family or loved ones. They are very dependable and you can easily rely on them. They will always have your back in any situation. Sexually, they are again conservative and it would not be easy for their partner to inspire them for foreplay.

Barack Obama and Saddam Hussein are famous Ox men.

Women Personality

She is reserved personality; does not open to others easily. She is very private woman and does not keep a large circle of friends. She will create a wall around her and confine herself within it. No one will be able to enter her world without her permission. She thinks life as a time table. She is very routine oriented and disciplined and would like to start her day according to clock. She would not like to experiment with her life. Ox woman is not very social and does not take much interest in what happening around her as she does not like to gossip. One reason could be she is not very talkative type as her verbal skills are very limited. She is very practical and down to earth. She is not very adventurous type; does not like to explore the things on her own or take unnecessary risk. She wants stable and secure life. Her home is the world’s best destination where she finds ultimate peace. Although, she seems to be down earth, she is very much fond of material comfort and would like to own expensive things in life.

Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales are famous Ox women.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Ox Compatibility with Ox in Chinese Zodiac

They share same personality, same features makes it easier for them to understand each other. Both would love to share spending their weekend’s time with each other at home rather than dragging each other for a chaotic evening in nightclub or dining or shopping.

They know their partner will always be at home waiting ready to welcome with a nice cup of tea on the table with an entertaining conversation about ‘what happened today’ followed by a hot home-cooked meal. None of them are comfortable in the noisy company of invited friends or relatives. Neither have they desired for any attention or limelight.

Oxen are very careful, cautious and down to earth. By nature Ox woman is very cautious where money matters are concerned. She will make sure to spend every penny of her man’s hard earned money in the most optimized and extremely cautious manner. This will make Ox man assured that his finances are in safe hands.

Not only finances, they also make sure that they have right selection and blend of friend circle or business partners. They will rather keep a small circle of long-term friends Together both will judge every situation and its pros and cons before taking a single decision.

All in all, in this relationship both are sure to find themselves indulging in the loving company of each other enjoying the finer things of life; be it fine food, romantic musical evening, a long drive by moonlight or just taking a stroll in the park together hand in hand.

Oxen are known for their reliability and faithfulness. Two Oxen can blindly rely on each other with every aspect of life. They will be loyal and committed to each other even in the most turbulent time in life. Both will make sure not to indulge in any infidelity.

Every coin has head and tail. The tail part of Ox and Ox Compatibility is their negative features such as stubbornness, impulsive attitude etc. Although they are patient, however, you never know when will they become moody and head on with each other. Once one of them will make up its mind for something there is hardly any chance that it will budge from its stand.

This may make the things very complicated in case they have conflicting views on an issue. Neither of them will back off. Two Oxen in fight are very bad situation destroying thing around. It will also risk their marital and domestic life and they could split.

This resistance to change themselves when it is need of the hour may deteriorate the relations. At the most, this relationship works well, however, there are times when one of them or both of them has to be flexible to adapt themselves according to the trying times. Oxen need to learn to develop this quality as only one bad shot can spoil the otherwise mutually satisfying relationship.

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