Ox Personality in Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac cycle, also known as Shengxiao in Chinese, is represented by 12 animals and their attributes related to the person born in a particular year. Each year has been assigned by an animal. Chinese people associate each animal sign with certain characteristics. They believe that people born in a given year have the personality of that year’s animal.

Ox is the second in 12 zodiac animals list. Ox is earth element. Every animal has been further divided into 5 categories of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. However, this will be little too much to into each category. Knowing Ox personality is more than enough to understand Ox people and deal with them. Read more to check the interesting Ox personality traits, Ox men personality, Ox women personality, Ox personality strength & weakness, Ox compatibility with other signs for better understanding.

Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein, Diana, Princess of Wales, George Clooney are some famous Ox personalities.

Years of Ox:

The Chinese zodiac Ox personality people are born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021.

Each Chinese Zodiac year comes at a regular interval of 12 years. So next Ox year will be 2033 and so on.

21 Ox Personality Traits:

  1. Ox is the only agricultural animal zodiac in Chinese astrology. Ox means prosperity, strength, power, and persistence. Have you seen sometime a Bull sitting in the middle of the road, they are not easily movable even if there is a traffic jam. This shows how stubborn and head on they are.
  2. The Ox people are home alone type; they prefer mostly staying at home even alone. They can do occasional outings but not too much. This feature also make them less social than others mainly due to the fact they are not very good at communicating with others.
  3. Joining others in parties and get together or participating in group activities are not their cup on tea. However, this does not mean they are not friendly, in fact, Oxen are very friendly people and make quick friends. It is just they do not go deep into friendship just for the sake of passing time.
  4. Oxen people are very patient zodiac in fact the most. They can wait for the right time and right people as long as it takes. Once they find the true relationship or their soulmate; they are very protective of their loved ones. Oxen are very honest and trustworthy people in relationship. Oxen people believe in keeping the long-term relationships.
  5. These people are generally well built and healthy individuals. Due to their fitness and energy they live long. They are known to be headstrong and hard working. They are responsible and whatever they start, they try to finish it no matter what it takes.
  6. They have very good eye for detail and due to their patience they acquire very good knowledge. They are very good with the long term projects which demand intelligence, patience and persistence. Not to surprise, they are most productive when they work alone or within their own capacity.
  7. These people are fearless, strong-willed with good thought process. They are wise enough to understand that road to success is long and tiring and it does not have any shortcut. Their patient attitude beef up this thinking. They strictly do not deviate from the decisions or actions once taken. They do what is required irrelevant of the circumstances around which means they can be great leaders; Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama are great example.
  8. When working at a task, They take care of every single possible as they are very methodical and diligent in their actions. They try to ensure that everything is done in the most flawless manner. Being unbending and uncompromising towards stress and pressure adds to their personality manifold.
  9. Little down side is while making their decisions or deciding their actions they might not listen to others. Sometimes they act on their preconceived ideas or notion no matter how it might affect the others or what others have to say about it. So it is possible that it the process of thinking they may ignore facts and figures but stick to what they think is right or wrong. Their poor communication skill also plays a critical role in this situation.
  10. Oxen are considered very quiet, dry, inward and lack sense of humor. They can be in the crowd without the crowd. In groups they do not participate in the discussions as they believe it is not their way. This makes them look like rude and passionless. But the fact is they can be very good advisor if given chance.
  11. They are very predictable and generally do not have any hidden aspects of their life so you can believe in their advises blindly. Due to their stubborn and bull-head approach, they some time are unable to look around for more options and alternatives.
  12. They generally think what they know is right even if it is not updated in current scenario. Pushing them to change their method could stop the work completely. Only careful and cautious elbowing may lead them to the correct path without making them furious.
  13. They would like to be financially strong and in the same way they are very diligent in money matters too. They neither spend too much nor too less; they spend thoughtfully after analyzing every aspect. They would love to spend only if the investment match with their agenda of life. This can be a problem to their partners as they may have hard time to convince Oxen to spend.
  14. In relationships too, they are steady and reliable. They do not hurry to go into a relationship. In fact, being dry and non-communicative make them less attractive. Plus they are not sociable. It all works as barriers in making a relationship. Once they are committed to someone, take it as a lifetime.
  15. They will accept every bit of the relationship as their own responsibility. They are very reliable in your tough times. They are territorial in nature so you have to be all open to them with your past and present. Once their partner gain their trust they can be a surprise lover. They will offer everything they have to please their loved ones. Behind their quiet and calm exterior personality is a very volcanic passionate lover who is filled with the hot lava of love an lust.
  16. They prefer calculated risks and don’t take unexpected risks like Dragons or Rats. So many a times they miss the thrills and adventures of roller coaster ride of the event we call life due to their practical and logical thinking. Their head on attitude land them in the unnecessary argument situation with others.
  17. Ox people like just behavior for all in the society; they are always ready to defend the weak and helpless. They are selfless and look after their friends, relatives and loved ones equally in times of trouble. For this reason they are even not hesitant to carry the burden of troubled ones as their own.
  18. They believe in cooperation and keep their promises but dont make anyone which they cannot keep. However, still you may find a few Oxen are short-visioned, narrow minded, selfish, and shy. They lack decision-making skills which means instability and inconsistency.
  19. These people are not generally very exiting type and seem to be boring. Not going beyond their capabilities, shy away from the risks, not trying to do the things differently, inability to think outside the box and sitting at home make them very routine in nature.
  20. Oxen people are generally successful in business due to their stable nature. Which business or profession will suit them depends on the nature of the business or profession. Very dynamic or emerging nature of industry such as IT, Real Estate, Pharma will probably less suit them; they will more flourish in the traditional environment such as teaching, writing, law etc.
  21. Since they are not good with speeches, they speak concisely when it is required. However, due to their excellent memory they remember every part of the communication and who said what. Not only good things bad things are also associated with them. When things go out of control they can also go out of control. They are very bad when angry and can do a lot of damage to themselves and others too.

Ox Personality Strengths:

Orthodox & Honest, Slow & Patient, Diligent & Careful, Fearless, Persistent, Stable & mostly achieve their goals, Generally unaffected by the environmental change, Very reliable & trustworthy, Orderly & Logical, Care for details, Very protective for their loved ones.

Ox Personality Weaknesses:

Passive, Stubborn, Inelegant, Moody & Temperamental, Not very punctual, Dry & Non-humorous, Poor communication skills, Not easily changeable, Do not accept advises, Do not update themselves as per the current trends hence little inefficient, Unimaginative & Uncooperative, No risk taking abilities, Play safe games and take known routes,

Ox Men Personality

Male Oxen are mature and steady, They are trusted by others. As for partners, they are very faithful and great companion. They are very sincere in their dealings and expect the same from others.

They are self-opinionated meaning they rely and accept only their own thought process, generally do not take advice. They are slow but very patient and wait for the last moment for things to happen and it happens.

They are not good with talks and this keeps them to go into a relationship. Once they have found true partner or reliable friend they will walk with them till last moment.

They are awfully stubborn and once decided is decided for them, there is no other option. If things do not happen in their way or they find chaos around they can very angry and when angry they are very bad with their words and actions. These features also make them fearless and they are not afraid of anything.

They are not fashionable, trendy and flamboyant. Keep themselves reserve. This makes them unattractive in the gatherings.

Very good to memorize the event, date, or incident. They do not forget the things easily be it birthday or anniversary. They also remember who said or did what at a particular time.

He mostly prefer home comfort and less likely to go on outing or adventure trips.

Ox Women Personality

She is a humble woman in the crowd, nothing special about her appearance which makes her stand apart. It is her character which creates the difference. She is very hard working and awfully patient can work tirelessly till the completion of the assignment. This is why Ox woman is a great professional to hire. She is not affected by the environmental changes and does not complain.

It is important that her superior guides her properly because she has tendency to work on her own instinct and preferably alone. Since she has an excellent memory; she is very good with follow ups and reminders. She may not be very creative but she surely is methodical and prefers orderly working style.

She is not very attractive, she is reserved and does not communicate enthciasticly so she makes friends slow and less. But she surely is very faithful and reliable friend one can make. She is kind of woman who will not leave her friends even in the most turbulant times.

She is fiercely independent in her life controlling everything and she may not be very interested in romance or intimacy. This could be a reason why she does not go into the relationships easily. She is a simple woman with simple thoughts and wants to lead a simple life.

Unlike Ox man she may not be interested or motivated by sex in life. She keeps her real inside, whether it is sex or romance, preserved for the right person when he will come in the life.

Ox Compatibility Matches:

Best Compatibility:

  1. Rat: Their dissimilarities will work for them and make them one of the best possible combination.
  2. Snake: This relationship will prove awesome with little compromises.
  3. Rooster: They both are conventional lovers and carry the similar attitude and belief.

Acceptable Compatibility:

  1. Monkey: Monkey’s spirit of living the life at its best will be highly admired by Ox.

Complementary Compatibility:

  1. Rabbit: Although not very much compatible, they can still dance together by admiring each other’s strengths.
  2. Dog: Both are very trustworthy, faithful and loyal. This can connect them on other levels too.

Bad Compatibility:

  1. Horse: They will not be able to tolerate each other.
  2. Goat: It will rarely work out.
  3. Tiger: These two personalities are very contrasting to each other.
  4. Dragon: Both are extremely stubborn and egoistic. It will not be easy for any one to give up. 

Hit or Miss:

  1. Pig: This is a case of ‘opposite attracts’ but some times this opposite also create conflicts. So this could be a hit or miss.
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