Ox Rabbit Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how Ox Rabbit compatibility in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Ox Personality:

Oxen are very consistent and hardworking in their efforts. Once they have decided their course of action; neither are they affected with external factors nor do they expect any reward or award for their efforts. They are very down to earth and keep the things simple. They are relaxed and thoughtful in their life decisions and will never make haste.

They might look dull and boring due to their reserved nature and lack of good communication skill; but they are intelligent to observe the things around. Reliability and dependability are their other names. They are as trustworthy and dependable as your left shoulder to the right. You can share any secret with them and it will never go out. They understand people are emotional and they care. They help people in need.

Oxen are materialistic too and they work hard for financial security to accumulate every possible home comfort. After all, their home is their best abode in the world and they cherish it. They are not very outgoing and spend maximum time at home among their loved ones. You will mostly find Oxen at home most of the times.

Stubborn is very strong feature associated with them and they resist to change. As per them life is routine and it should be lived like that without any major change. Their incapability to adapt with the situation or people may bring them undesired outcomes.

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Gerald Ford and Walt Disney are famous Ox personalities.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Rabbit Personality:

Rabbits are materialistic and like to live in comfort. They want financial stable life and for this reason they spend every penny of their hard earned money wisely. Money is important for them and they don’t play speculation; invest carefully after evaluating every aspect so they do not regret later.

They have tendency to first think of themselves and their welfare. For this reason they can be very shrewd and diplomatic in their dealings. They are very observant about their surroundings and make good use of opportunities. They may look tender but they are cautious and alert when it comes to financial, personal, or professional matters. They are social enough and like to go out, meet people, talk to them and create new opportunities.

They are very deliberate with their speech, expressions and actions. Their first impression is generally very good as they have good mannerism and etiquette. They try their best not to face any conflicting situation or any type of legal matter which can harm their reputation. They listen to others sensibly and help at the most. They are sensitive too; don’t want to hurt others but get hurt easily too. Due to their sensitive nature they can be very moody and impulsive at times. Such attitude makes them very vulnerable to others.

However, they can’t take criticism and don’t like to be told. In other words they think themselves always right and avoid facing the truth on the face. They do not trust people easily and do not share their thoughts or ideas with anybody easily. They doubt that people may take the credit away behind their back. They tend to face frequent health issues due to their delicate body structure. Procrastination is also one of their downside.

Frank Sinatra and Pope Benedict XVI are famous Rabbit personalities.

Year of the Rabbit

Years of the Rabbit: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

Ox Rabbit Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac

In this relationship Ox would like the Rabbit’s peace loving attitudes towards the life. Since Rabbits don’t like confrontation they handle the situation in a win-win manner which is bonus for Ox. Ox is calm and patient personality, does not like too exiting life. Here Rabbit fits the frame easily as they too are not very much excitement lover although as compared to Ox they are outgoing in nature.

Rabbit is also comfortable at home giving a company to the Ox. Since both are materialistic and love to possess maximum things which make life easier and comfortable; together they would love to spend time at home. Ox will find Rabbit tender and kind who understand the complexities of life and does not make the things more complicated. Ox is hard working and persistent but conservative. Rabbit on the other hand is very observant and good to click the opportunities as they come. Rabbit will assist the Ox to identify the right opportunities before putting their 100%. They are always focused on achieving the goals that they have set for themselves either in business or in a relationship.

Ox can do anything to keep its loved ones happy; this gives Rabbit as great sense of security. In addition Rabbit is super assured of Ox’s loyalty and faithfulness which will resolve Rabbit’s doubtful nature. Ox is not considered a charming personality so they will very much like the gentle and charming lover like Rabbit who is appreciated by all. Ox will also be surprised how efficiently Rabbit handles the social affairs.

Their marital life may have its own share of frequent conflicts but they have plenty of reasons to settle down. Ox is calm and patient; Rabbit is very quick to sense the conflicting situation and avoid it as much as possible. Ox and Rabbit both have tendency to take thoughtful decisions and they both will appreciate each other for this. Ox will like Rabbit’s compassionate nature that is always ready to provide a shoulder. The best part is Rabbit also enjoy being at home just like Ox. They will have no interest in going to the parties or dine out just to have fun instead they prefer to stay at home and enjoy each other’s company.

However, there are downsides too. Rabbit would not like the Ox’s stubborn nature and resistance to change. Rabbit will not understand why Ox stick to only one plan when there are several other alternatives available to change the plan for betterment. Ox may be little demanding in this relationship asking for too much commitment from the partner which may scare away the soft and tender Rabbit.

Ox Rabbit compatibility is definitely promising. Compromise will be important though when things get bumpy for both partners in Ox Rabbit marriage compatibility.

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