Ox Rat Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how Ox Rat compatibility in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Ox Personality

Patience and endurance are the keywords for Ox personality. They put their best efforts in anything they do and they can wait forever for the right thing to happen. In the course of their waiting period they are least affected by the external or environment changes. They know these things are temporary and generally stick to their own path without altering their original plan.

The only problem with such stubborn (another personality keyword) approach is lack of flexibility and practicality. There will be times when tweaking their original plan will bring more fruitful results. But they don’t like to be told and are of habit not to listen to others or their advises. Not getting the expected results may frustrate them which in turn make them pessimistic.

Ox people are very faithful, sincere and a great support pillar to their loved ones. They can sacrifice anything to keep their beloveds happy and safe. Once they are emotionally attached, you can trust and depend on them blindly. They will keep your secrets or treasures as you would have given them.

They are very reserved, overly relaxed and conservative type and not very enthusiastic or open to life. As you must have observed Oxen are not very agile animal in general and so are Ox people. Above all of this they are not good speaker and suffer with communication skills. All of this combine with their narcissism make their personality dull and boring and they find it hard to attract people.

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Stephenie Meyer and Bruno Mars are famous Ox personalities.

Year of the Ox

Years of the Ox: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Rat Personality in Ox Rat Compatibility

Opposite of Ox Rat is an agile and adventurous personality. They are very dynamic and believe in keep moving. Very smart and alert; Rats are very sharp to sense not only any possible danger coming but also any upcoming opportunity in any way. Their every minute is very productive and they don’t waste time.

They are leadership personality and very comfortable to deal with crowd. They love to be center of attraction and they can handle it very well. To add on it they are very articulate, excellent talker and people love them for their communication skills. They are kind of people who cannot live without talking. Due to this they can make friends anywhere in any situation but since they are distrustful they have a boundary beyond which no one is allowed.

They are cunning and greedy too. They are not only acute to identify the people or situation for their own interest; they also know how to use them. These are romantic and sensual souls and know very well how to express these feelings. They are compulsive and sometime just act on their irresistible urge.  Money matters a lot for them; in their opinion future can only be saved through finances. Being their partner means you are financially safe.

Antonio Banderas and Phil Hartman are famous Rat personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Ox Rat Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac

  1. Ox Rat compatibility is true case of opposite attracts and works. At first this union seems to be very unfit with no single thing common between them. If we just want to visualize – one is so huge and big in size another is so tiny. But Chinese astrological science considers them a perfect match – one of the best.
  2. Their very different features work perfectly for each other. Ox persistent and stubborn nature creates quite a balance with Rat’s movable and practical personality. Ox is known to be set goals and work till the end to achieve it. Rat is a great executioner of any plan; Rat’s intelligence and Ox hard work will make a tandem.
  3. Ox is straightforward and honest personality; they don’t know how to manipulate the person or situation in their favor. Plus they are not social and lack communication skills which make them unable to attract people or make friends.
  4. On the other side Rat is super cunning with people and situation. They are super social and excellent talker. Making friends is cup of tea for them at the same time they don’t let the people come very close to them. Their main skill is to manipulate their contacts or situation in their interest.
  5. Oxen can lead but they are not natural leader being a solitude personality. They are silent and not comfortable with group of people where you have to talk a lot. They also do not like too much attention. You can consider them dull and boring a no matches to Rat.
  6. Rats are born leaders and want to be center of all the things. They not only like attention but can perfectly handle it. They know how to ride on the situation and manage it. Rats are cheerful and love company. Their personality is so contrasting – one does not like company other one cannot live without a company. You can imagine how perfectly they fill the gap of each other.
  7. Rat is adventurous and impulsive takes very quick decision and move fast. However, it is also true that Rats’ cunning nature don’t make them very reliable. Oxen are very cautious and think twice before making any decision. This makes them authentic and reliable.
  8. Rat will motivate Ox to come out of their cocoon and be more open to the life. They will inspire them to take some risk, go on some adventure trip and do the unexpected things without giving it a second thought. Basically see the life from a new perspective. Ox will highly appreciate all this and they will be more attached with increased trust for each other.
  9. Rat is very comfortable dealing with daily chores with all its dynamism and mobility. This brings huge relief to the Ox relaxed attitude. The brightest part is both signs are very family oriented which means good kids, good bringing up, lot of family get together & a great family atmosphere.
  10. The secret of Ox Rat compatibility is in their dissimilarity only as you can see their complementing features bring them closer to each other.
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