Gemstone of Moon – Pearl (Moti)

Pearl, or ‘queen of the sea’ as people call it, is called “Moti” or “Mukta” in Vedic astrology, and it belongs to the planet Moon. Its name is derived from the French word ‘Perle’. It is one of the oldest known gemstone to the mankind from an ancient times. There are a lot of ancient stories around it. It is a cold and soft gem which controls the emotions and gives you a balanced emotional life along with a good memory. According to Vedic scriptures, the most famous pearl is the Koustubha worn by Lord Vishnu on his chest.

It symbolizes Moon, and there are a lot of similarities between these two. Both are cold and white in color, commands water element, and help to maintain a balance within your thoughts and emotions. A dark spot in the Moon is similar with luster in the pearl.

How to Wear Pearl

It is worn in the round shape in the silver ring on the little finger (last finger) on Mondays. However, like any gemstone, wear it after the careful consultation with an experienced astrologer. Before wearing, you need to get it purified from your astrologer. Always wear round shape, Moon like pearl with a good quality luster. It could be a difficult task to purchase the perfect ones from the market because such pearls are very rare.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

It is considered as a complimentary stone for quick-tempered people and symbolizes all beautiful and peaceful things in our life. It helps to increase good sleep, memory and harmony and solves the problems related to depression, insomnia, eye diseases, heart problems, constipation, etc.

Natural vs Cultured (Farmed) Pearl

It is the only gemstone produced by creatures called oysters and mollusks. However, it takes many years for these creatures to produce a single pearl.

This is why, the finest quality natural pearls are very rare. Above all, natural pearl is very expensive. The answer to this problem is cultured or farmed pearls which are considered as natural as organic pearl.[pullquote-right]Pearl is formed by living organism called mollusks, natural pearl is very rare and limited. Great Majority of the pearls in the market are cultured.[/pullquote-right]It is also almost impossible to judge a natural pearl from naked eyes. Only an X-ray machine can tell the difference between a natural and cultured pearl. The price of a pearl depends upon the luster, its size, environment, color and type etc. South Sea pearls, the rarest of the cultured pearls, are considered the most effective ones.

Natural Pearl Oysters

Natural Pearl Oysters

Pearl is produced in Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia. Black pearl is very rare.

Malicious or Inauspicious Pearl

The astrological pearl should be flawless without any cracks, lines, spots, or joints on the surface or body of the Pearl. It should not have any mole or black color. These pearls are very inauspicious.

Pearl as a Beauty Supplement

Being an organic substance, pearl also has a reputation of beauty tonic. Pearl is used as a cosmetic active ingredient which helps nourishes & moisturizes the skin, improves the aged skin & wrinkles, and promotes new skin cells. Chinese text credit pearl with the ability to improve the skin, relieve the heart & mind, and improve eyesight. It comes in the form of powder, cream, and even capsules. Pearl powder is said to be easily absorbed by the body, and said to help the growth of children’s teeth and bones. 

Here are some pearl amazing facts you didn’t know.

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