What is Conjunction and Aspect in Astrology

Sometimes people get confused with what is conjunction and aspect in astrology.

Conjunction of planets happen when 2 or more planets are sitting in one house/sign of chart. When two planets are conjunct, they are traveling close together in the same zodiac sign. As a result, they will blend their energies whether good or bad. For example Mercury being the ruler of communication conjunct with Jupiter ruler of wisdom, then the person will be very wise communicator in his field. However, if same Mercury is sitting with Mars then Mars will shadow its effect, person can be highly argumentive or quarrelsome.

A conjunction can be exact or close. If the difference in degrees happens to be less than one degree, the result is exact conjunction. If the difference in degree is within five degrees, it is known as a close conjunction.

Many a times it will happen that one planet will overshadow the other. Like if Sun, Jupiter and Mars are conjunct then which planet will have higher impact. Gentle planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus will be impacted by heavier planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. These things are analyzed through the overall analysis of the chart.

The principle of exact or close aspect is identical to exact or close conjunction.


Aspect, also known as Drishti, means which planet keep an eye at which place from its own house in birth chart. In this way it will inherit its qualities to the aspected house. Say Jupiter is sitting in 2nd house, from there it will aspect the 7th, 5th and 9th house means 8th, 6th, and 10th house, and Jupiter being a good planet (if not functional malefic) will bestow these houses with its good effect.

As per astrology:

Each planet, from its position, aspects the seventh house completely.
Saturn aspects third and tenth houses completely from its location.
Mars aspects fourth and eight houses completely from its location.
Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu aspect fifth and ninth houses completely from their location.

Wide Conjunction and Aspect:

The aspects/conjunctions more than five degrees are known as wide conjunctions/aspects and it do not have much impact in life; their results come in the later part of life say around 60 years or after.

Close and Exact Conjunction and Aspect:

This aspect/conjunction becomes more influential if their difference is within five degrees, this is known as a close aspect. If this difference is one degree or less, the aspect is known as an exact aspect.

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