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Q. What is the scope of people who are born in Ashlesha Nakshatra Kataka Rasi?
Ans. Not sure what do you mean by scope. However, nakshatra level analysis is very micro level and it will not give you clear picture or any idea which you may intend to get.

Q. Should a native opt for settling abroad working in the IT sector in the USA, or should his lifetime consideration be social service through Indian polity? He was born on 30 April 1984 in Hapur, UP, India, at 10:15 AM.
Ans. Jupiter is lord of 10th house of profession, sitting in the 7th house in its own sign. From bhavat bhavam concept 7th house is 10th from 10th. Such placement suggests social service through Indian politics.

Q. Why is there a constant financial crunch in the life of a person who was born on April 20, 1991, at 8:05 pm in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh?
Ans. 1st house, 2nd house, 10th house, and 11th house play important role. 1st house lord Mars is sitting in 8th house. 2nd house lord is exalted Jupiter sitting in 9th house which is ‘karaka bhav nashya’. 2nd house is occupied by Rahu. 10th house lord is sitting in 6th house which suggest frequent changes in occupation. 11th lord Mercury is in 5th house debilitated. With such combination your finances will only improve around 40 years.

Q. What does Grand Cross mean in astrology?
Ans. Its very rare phenomenon, and one should not care about this with reference to kundli.

Q. Where can I buy astrological Pukhraj gemstones online in India?
Ans. Buying stone itself is complicated and online…well. Market is full of fakes, low quality, artificial, enhanced, glass, synthetic stones. Their are many varieties, standards, color, clarity, cut, sizes, density, tones and carat. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are very common in fakes as these are expensive. Although Jaipur is famous for gemstones; its very difficult to fetch and identify naturally mined gemstone. You certainly need a professional.

Q. Is Saturn very harmful for people of the Leo Moon sign?
Ans. Nothing such concept exists. For Leo ascendant, Moon, Rahu & Ketu are only malefic planets.

Q. What happens when Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter are in the 2nd house; Sun in the 1st house; Moon in the 3rd house; Saturn in the 6th house; Ketu in the 8th house and Mars in the 11th house?
Ans. General reply to this question would be Sun in the 1st house is good, but you did not mention the ascendant so it is possible that Sun is functional malefic. 2nd house is very crowded again it will depend on the ascendant and house lords. Moon in 3rd house is not good, 3rd house is hard house. Saturn in 6th house is kind of good. Ketu in the 8th house is complicated.

Q. Is Rahu in the 7th house good or bad related to marriage?
Ans. Rahu is malefic planet, 7th house is soft house of relationships. You don’t want any hard planet in this house. Rahu will create complications here as his nature. There will be obstacles, hardships. This is one side of coin, another is what kind of aspect Rahu is receiving specially from Jupiter.

Q. My Venus Dasha is going to start in two months. What would you like to say about this? I’m born on the 22nd of April 2001 at 11:16 am in Hubli, Karnataka.
Ans. Venus mahadasha stays for 20 years, you Venus is in the 10th house of Karma along with Moon under the house lordship of Jupiter. Jupiter itself is sitting with Saturn under the house lordship of Venus. Overall, it will give you mixed results.

Q. What can you predict about my career? Will I get a government job or should I try a foreign job? I was born on 01/06/1991 at 18:27 in Mangalore.
Ans. With Sun and Mars being your main planets covering angular houses, you are better suited for Govt job.

Q. What are the effects of a Rahu Venus Sun in the 12th house in a Scorpio ascendant?
Ans. Its messy. For scorpio ascendant Venus is already functional malefic, Sun is already enemy with rahu and venus, so not very helpful here. Loss of money, power, reputation, lack of sleep, health issues, divorce etc are some of the problems may be experienced. Eventually, person may adopt a spiritual way of living.

Q. When will I get married? My DOB is 3rd March 1988, my place of birth is Allahabad and time is 02:25 am. My engagement was broken recently.
Ans. Moon is your prime determinant planet for marriage. Your current Moon dasha will help you to get married around 2020. Your engagement was broken as Moon is lord of 8th house of interruption. Seems that dosh is over now.

Q. When will I get married? I was born on the 22nd of August 1989 at 1:32 pm in Mansa (Punjab). How would be my married life?
Ans. 7th lord Venus is debilitated in 11th house, 4th house is occupied by Rahu and lord Saturn is in the 2nd house. Being scorpio ascendant Jupiter is prime determinant planet sitting in the 8th house of obstruction and hurdles. 12th house lord is again Venus debilitated in the 11th house. With such framework of planets marriage is going to be delayed and marital cord may not be as per expectation. Need to be careful.

Q. What will be the possible outcomes for Saturn (retro) with Mars in the 4th house and Venus in 7th and Rahu in 11th for a Cancer ascendant?
Ans. Saturn & Mars both are hard malefic planets. Moreover, for Cancer ascendant Saturn is functional malefic also. 4th house is soft house of family, childhood, parents. It talks about your home environment, domestic peace, marital harmony, your own family, property inherited from parents, also represents primary education. Body parts such as heart, chest, lungs and breasts are represented by fourth house. Overall, it is sukh sthan of kundli which is indirectly connected to the happiness and comforts of life. Moon placement will matter a lot.
Overall saturn and mars in the 4th house is hard placement. This placement creates mangalik status in kundli. Mars is a planet of aggression and fight, 4th house is not the ideal place for Mars like planet. Trouble to mother, divorce (aspect to 7th house), bad childhood, at the same time mother will be very active personality. Having saturn here will make the things more complicated especially saturn is the lord of 8th house (most malefic) of obstructions too.
However, Mars aspect on 10th and 11th house is good for career & income.

Q. Why is there a delay in my sister’s marriage? Her details are 4 Nov 1987 1 AM born in Chandigarh.
Ans. 7th house is occupied by mooltrikona sign of saturn. Saturn is sitting in the 4th house of family which shows delay in marriage and making own family. 4th house is important house for the family one is going to make or join. Having venus here is good but malefic saturn in the sign of mars indicates trouble. 4th house lord mars is sitting in the 2nd house – one more family house along with Ketu is also not a good gesture. Moreover, for women Jupiter is the main planet sitting in the malefic 8th house and afflicted by Rahu. All this shows delay and interruptions in the marriage.


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