Rahu in Aries Effects

Aries lord is Mars – aggressive and fierce planet. Rahu is another malefic and chaotic planet. Mars is fire, Rahu is fire; this is a volcanic combination in the chart like a warrior for combat. Largely depends on the placement of Mars in the chart.

Rahu expands the natural significant of the rashi where he sits.  Rahu in Aries is just too aggressive. Native will be daring, fighter, quarrelsome, at the same time good liar, fraud, and hypocrite. He will go to any extent to fulfill his desires. Rahu in Aries will give so much quick thought process and native will think so fast after one thought to another that he may find it difficult to focus on one thing, concentrate, and decide. This also gives day-dreaming and stress related issues.

However, this combination is good from material perspective. These native will have good physical appearance, muscular body, and agility perfect for sportsmanship and athlete. They can be very dominating figure. Things like chemical, fire, electricity, animals etc may cause harm to him. In the chart house ruled by Mars will be amplified by Rahu.

For more details you can read Rahu Mars conjunction.

Gautam Trehan

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