Rahu in Astrology

Rahu is a powerful and very significant planet in Kaliyug. It is a natural malefic planet and afflicts the house and planet it is with. Like Ketu Rahu is also invisible shadow planet. Rahu is desire and Ketu is karma. Ketu eclipses the Sun whereas Rahu eclipses the Moon. Rahu is a hungry, over enthusiastic planet without any boundary. It makes a person highly manipulative and quick thinker. Rahu is our obsession and desire purely in materialistic and worldly form. Rahu in astrology is mysterious planet and its effect cannot be explained clearly. Whatever it brings in life happens in a sudden and unexpected way either good or bad.

Being an expert in manipulation it is a very potent planet for the politicians to give them rise, power and opportunity in the politics. If placed well, Rahu can make an individual popular and wealthy.

Narendra Modi Birth Chart: Brilliant example of Rahu’s Magical Power

Rahu is in the 5th House in Narendra Modia Birth Chart. This is a splendid placement for a charismatic politician with extreme desire to obtain political celebrity status. He has Rahu in the 5th house (trikona) which belongs to Jupiter who is well seated in 4th house and being a lord of trikona Jupiter is very strong here. Rahu here is in the control of benefic Jupiter. In his chart Rahu is in a benefic mode. Rahu gives him a passion for politics and makes him brilliant game-changer. 5th Rahu also gives him unconventional way of driving the politics (surgical strikes, demonetization).

Rahu Element:

Rahu represents old people, poison, snakes, prison, addictions, gambling, theft, cheating, violence, explosions, delay & obstacles.

Generally Rahu does not provide negative results if:

  • ·        4th house is not afflicted
  • ·        Moon is not afflicted
  • ·        Mars occupies 3rd house and 12th house
  • ·        Sun and Mercury are in 3rd house
  • ·        Rahu is posited in 4th house.

Rahu in astrology is believed to provide good results in conjunction / aspected by Mercury. It is said that Rahu offers highly beneficial effects if placed in houses earlier than Saturn. Rahu provides auspicious results in 3rd house, 6th house, & 12th house. Whereas it gets debilitated in 8th house, 9th house and 11th house. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are his friends, whereas Sun, Mars and Venus are his enemies. Jupiter and moon are neutral to him. It gets exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Scorpio.

Gemstone of Rahu

One can wear Gomed (Hessonite) in consultation with astrologer to reduce the inauspicious effects and increase the auspicious effects of Rahu.

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