Rahu in Gemini Effects

Amit Shah has this combination in his chart. Gemini is Airy sign ruled by Mercury contrary to the Virgo (which is also ruled by Mercury). Whereas Virgo keeps the Rahu grounded, Gemini gives it more air to fly its desires and ambitions even at the dangerous level. Rahu in Gemini makes the person excellent in media relationship, team management, event management, and communication. Like Virgo, Gemini is also mutable sign means quite flexible and adaptable in the nature. Gemini represents twin means person will have dual nature and capability to view life from different angles. These people are very detail oriented and Rahu pumps up this feature up to the level of overdrive. These natives are meant for administration, business and management. These people are very ambitious in their assignments and cannot accept defeat easily. They are in fact terrified of losing their territories. They always seek to gain privilege by taking risks and using their administrative acumen. Overall these people are generally very busy!

Gautam Trehan

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