Rahu in Leo Effects

Rahu amplifies the qualities of zodiacs it is sitting with. Here Rahu is enemy with Sun so some adverse effect will come in the picture. Leo is 5th sign of the zodiacs, a sign of creativity, energy, art, love, movies, sports, independence, confidence, self-esteem etc. Leo is also a fire sign i.e. aggression, desire, passion and ambition. Some of Rahu qualities also match with the above qualities of Sun. These natives can be highly creative, celebrity movie star, sport person, or fashion personality. They have a good prospect to become celebrity politician. They have very sharp intellect and make good strategist. Ego and self-respect is high in these people and they want to be recognized, they have an ambition for applause. These native can be over-dramatic sometimes to seek attention of other people either physically, psychologically, or spiritually

These people love adventure, going to wild places, travel in forests same Lion does. Rahu in Leo gives some misunderstandings and clash of opinions with father. Also such natives may play a role of father in non-traditional way (as is nature of Rahu), playing role of husband to a women whose children lack a father. Under the influence of malicious qualities of Rahu, Sun will not be able to show its natural radiance and quality of being bright, clear, and healing; but rather smoky, diffused, and potentially toxic.

Gautam Trehan

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