Rahu in the 10th House – Good or Bad

Prominent personalities like Dr. Zakir Husain, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammad Rafi, Shahrukh Khan, Dalai Lama has their Rahu in 10th house.

10th Rahu is a good placement. Gives a strong desire to get out into the world. Work may involve foreigners, outsiders, migratory. Police, railway, insurance, bank. Does not tolerate hindrances. As we know Rahu might be a magical planet, it can give rise to the person beyond his credentials.

Rahu is a materialistic planet and 10th house is also a materialistic house of career, fame, wealth, recognition, reputation, success in media/entertainment/software etc. These people are dynamic in approach, intelligent and clever in dealing with public to get maximum benefit. They will always dream big beyond limitations, and of course Rahu character will always be there finding success in a short span of time and hunger for more success. Rahu represents foreign element that means working conditions may involve either working with foreigners or people with different ethnicity. These people will especially do good in politics because of their mass dealing capabilities, these individuals make best efforts to be noticed by people and would try to impress others and be noticed in the social and influential circles.

It can give career in movies and cinema too. Well placed Rahu in the 10th can be sensual, extravagant, affluent, killer of enemies, fond of drama, battle, successful in business, diplomacy, skilled in writing or publishing.

Rahu from 10th house aspects the 2nd house and 6th house, means that the person will be highly money minded and will acquire wealth by hook or crook. These individuals will not hesitate to claim the money, assets and resources as their own. However, such acquired wealth will not last long with them due to Rahu nature of earning and loosing wealth. Aspect on 6th house is good to deal with opponents or enemies, aspect on 2nd house means irregular eating habits and Rahu type (clever & illusive) speaking skills.

These people are highly opportunist in their desire to be successful and important mostly for selfish purpose. They are very good in gathering crowds for social, political, or religious events but in return of their share of the profit otherwise they do not hesitate from changing sides. This position can also create an illusion/confusion about right career and lead someone to foreign lands for career purpose.

Saturn placement is important to look for as ruler of the 10th house. Presence of the Moon in combination with Rahu in the 10th house would bring Raj Yoga to the person. The negative Rahu in the 10th house would bring many difficulties, defamation, enemies around, financial losses, physical problems etc.

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