Rahu in the 11th House – Good or Bad

Rahu is seated in the 11th house of gains in Jayalalithaa’s birth horoscope! However, she also faced legal and political trouble due to its 11th Rahu gains & wealth!

Rahu in the 11th house is an excellent placement for material point of view. Rahu is the desire of the soul to experience all aspects of life until all desires have been fulfilled. The desire is seen from the house where Rahu is placed that causes the soul to take birth on the physical plane. 11th house represents gain or income, higher education, quality of your friend circle or social circle, wealth matters, also governs stepchildren, foster children and adopted children. Rahu in the 11th house gives heavy emphasis through connecting with people who share similar interests concerning friends, social groups and organizations. The native will achieve happiness, help from these connections both materially and emotionally. Native will have wealthy, powerful, and influential friends. At the same time native should beware enemies in the form of friends, chances of getting betrayed, backstab, backbite through them.

Rahu in a particular house means person will be experimenting and touching the unknown territories of the particular house it is placed. Rahu wants to push us through our fears to reach spiritual growth through difficulties. Conjunction with Jupiter or Venus will be extremely beneficial. The 11th house also rules dreams and hopes, Rahu is the best planet to chase wild dreams and probably succeed. This placement can also bring good unexpected gains; however, one should refrain from activities such as gambling in order to make wealth. There may be difficulties in the relationship with the eldest sibling and during or after the birth of a child. These native may be blessed with government job provided Rahu should not be further afflicted with malefic such as Sun, Mars etc. Native may earn some of his wealth through foreign sources. Profession wise this is a wonderful placement for the marketing people.

Rahu is good in the Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius if placed alone in 11th house. Native can make a good career in the field of media, films, public sector. Native can be very good orator, will be fond of Ornaments. It’s Important To have Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars to be well placed to make Rahu fully functional. Anything in the 11th house is said to grow with time as it is Upachaya house.


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