Rahu in the 12th House – Good or Bad

It is said that the placement of Rahu in the 12th house is not very comfortable because Rahu is a materialistic planet desire materialistic happiness and that is the reason Rahu is happy in 2nd (wealth house), 6th (enemy house), 11th (gains house). 12th house is isolation, losses and bed pleasure (sleep, dreams or sex), charity. 12th house features do not at all match with Rahu character so it will feel weird here.

Expenses will always be more than the earning, lot of health problems not easily diagnosed, high possibility of diseases related to eye and problem of insomnia or any problem related to sleep such as dreams. Not to exaggerate but life of these natives could be harsh and difficult towards the thoughts of suicide. The principle that applies to this house is that if Rahu is accompanied by another planet it would give different results. This tough placement of Rahu will encourage the native to be more spiritual and religious and to take the path of liberation. Rahu will encourage the individual to spend money for charity and social work.

Rahu in the 12th house gives the risk of earning through unfair means or illegal-immoral activities due to the native’s need of more money. This may also lead him to imprisonment or punishment, however, Rahu alone does not do imprisonment, or punishment unless accompanied by some malefic or aspected by them. Strong chances of native work with foreigners and foreign lands. He could be a member of NGO, work as a nurse, doctor or a career in psychology, spirituality. 12th Rahu often leads to joblessness, job dissatisfaction, unstable job situation, and financial crunch.

Results will also depend and vary as per ascendant; and Aries ascendant may encounter more intense results as Rahu is a prime enemy of Mars, but Taurus ascendant may encounter the lesser degree of losses since Rahu becomes a bit more favorable.

Swami Vivekananda had debilitated Rahu occupies the 12th house, he was bachelor (12th is 6th from 7th which draws you away from 7th house activities), lived a secluded monastic life by choice (12th house is the house of isolation and meditation), very intelligent who influenced the masses with their fiery writings and speeches. He died at the short age of 39 by natural causes. Point is if 12th Rahu is placed in the chart of a good soul it will work towards his liberation and will also influence the people who will come in contact. If these natives can stay true & loyal, it will keep their soul pure. On the other hand, immoral act would bring very adverse impacts to the native’s life as it will turn Rahu more malefic for these people.

Rahu here works as a karmic agent doing karmic cleansing. Such cleaning is required to progress on the spiritual front.

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