Rahu in the 1st House – Good or Bad

Rahu’s real name was Swarbhanu the Asura. It is said that Lord Vishnu was already aware of the real identity of Swarbhanu, however, he let him consume the nectar as it was all a part of the cosmic plan and Rahu was already blessed by Lord Brahma with a boon which conferred upon him the power and status of a Planet, as a result of his severe penance.

Rahu is the most perplexing and intriguing planet in Astrology. Things, subjects represented by Rahu is very mysterious to the normal public. Occultists, wizards, magicians, smugglers, terrorists are Rahu driven. Further, it also signifies spies, informers and intelligence officers. Rahu covers the truth so intelligently that it is impossible to know the truth which creates confusion, obstacles, humiliation, and sorrow. Rahu is totally unpredictable, risky, and dangerous.

1st house is a very powerful house being an angular & tri-angular house. Rahu in the 1st house is good for the native if placement is solid in the friend rashis without any malefic effect or aspect preferably alone. It brings him success in life, wealth, and gives him an intelligent and sharp mind along with good health. Native with Rahu in the 1st house is very courageous and daring always ready to debate and argue. He will easily conquer his enemies. He will be fond of good food. He will like freedom of thoughts and living in his life without any interruption to enjoy life to the fullest. Native may see unexpected rise and fall in the life.

First house interprets self, native may be very self-centric to reach top position in life. The native will be an expert in the art of getting things done by using others. Rahu aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th houses. 5th house is for love, 7th house opposite sex and 9th for luck and destiny. The native will find many partners in life. He is attracted to member of the opposite sex but does not find satisfaction in relationship easily. Well placed Rahu in the first house will make the person a good planner materializing new ideas. He will stand out. Modern day Rahu is visionary, entrepreneur and out-of-box thinker.

Rahu will create eclipse to native’s mind like depression, anxiety etc. Rahu in the 1st house presents a grave threat to first marriage ending up in divorce. Rahu with Sun, Moon, or Mars in the 1st house is very troublesome. Rahu with Sun in First House could cause mental diseases and bad decisions, with Moon leads to mental diseases as well as troubles in personal life, with Mars leads to anger problems, Rahu and Mercury is not that bad, Jupiter hates Rahu and creates Chandal Yoga but Jupiter being natural benefic still gives success, Rahu and Venus is good for material but very bad for marriage, Rahu with Saturn is very tough combination as two big malefic planets in the 1st house may mean a life full of struggle. It represents Shrapit Yoga.


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