Rahu in the 3rd House – Good or Bad

There is a story in the Puranas that tells of the God Vishnu dispensing Amrita (the nectar of immortality) to the Devas. Demon Rahu mingled with the Devas to secretly get the share of nectar, however, he was discovered by Sun and the Moon. Vishnu threw his Soodarshana Chakra at Rahu and cut off his head. But, Rahu had already drunk the Amrita and now remained an immortal head. That is why Rahu is the strongest enemy of Sun and Moon.

There is much lore and mystery surround the Moon’s Nodes in Vedic myth, and they are considered of paramount importance in chart interpretation. In fact, in assessing planetary power, the only Graha that is more powerful than the Sun is Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, because of his ability to swallow the Sun during a total solar eclipse.

The gemstone associated with Rahu is a honey colored hessonite (Gomed). Its direction is south-west. The Puranas describe Rahu as being extraordinarily powerful instrumental in strengthening ones power.

Rahu gives best results in upachaya bhava 3, 6, 10 and 11. The full scope of effects depends upon which graha occupy bhava 7, 9, and 11. Bhava-3 is generally a favorable location for Rahu. Rahu in the 3rd house deals with siblings, colleagues, primary and secondary education, short trips, writing and most important communication.

Such people are often successful journalists, writers, and media figures where passion for communication, impulsive verbal and written expression is required such as – radio – television – internet. However, since Rahu is a mischievous/chaotic planet such communication may involve fraudulent or irregular communications, shocking/risky talk, and taboo breaking speech. There is a strong desire to get noticed via risky or outrageous messages. These persons have weird thoughts, restless mind, extraordinary ideas, likes shocking talk, takes risks, breaks system.

Rahu in the 3rd house is very good to acquire material conveniences, physical comforts, wealth, children, and a good spouse. These people are very sharp, have restless mind, inclined to spiritualism or higher educational disciplines, crosses social boundaries to earn privilege & respect.

Basically it shows fortune and success through meetings, conversations, conferences, short journeys, writing or publishing – 3rd house attribute. 3rd house belongs to siblings so it may cause trouble to siblings but otherwise make his brothers prosperous. Sibling may involve in dealing in illegal commodities such as flesh, drugs, alcohol, or sex business.

If placement is good then these people are very good in the communicative tasks, literature, craft, writing, planning & managing, media events; they can be good advertisers, technicians etc basically all such activities where courage, initiative and entrepreneurial nature is required. These people generally achieve their material goal, but due to Rahu nature never satisfied. Rahu 3 will be a system breaker for most of the 3rd house features.

Rahu chaotic and ambitious drishti is cast upon bhava-7 (marriage/partners/agreements), bhava-9 (father /guru/ceremonial religion), bhava-11 (friends/income/goals) and yield the Rahu type results.


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