Rahu in the 6th House – Good or Bad

Rahu has no sign ruler ships, although it is said to favor Mercury and Jupiter‘s signs according to some, while others claim that Rahu favors the sign of Aquarius. Rahu means to conceal, engulf or hide in Sanskrit. Rahu purely is graha of world of material and worldly desire. Rahu is a karaka of fame, greed, intelligence, manipulation, foreign people or things.

Rahu in the 6th House is considered a place of Virgo sign ruled by Mercury Rahu in 6th is in a state of exaltation. Rahu mahadasha runs for 18 years. Rahu is said to give best results in bhava 3, 6, and 11. This placement is deemed a good location for single Rahu. Rahu will mostly give auspicious results in the 6th house because Rahu is malefic so malefic planet in malefic house will try to overcome malefic effects. It will increase the physical as well as mental stamina of the native, he will have lot of trouble from enemies eventually he will come out victorious, after struggles and strife. Rahu here give long life to native. May suffer from teeth troubles, ulcers, wounds, and from anal diseases. It is said that early period of life is not happy, he will have a lot of struggle but later part of life is rich and strong. Association of Moon or Saturn may give some mental problem. Rahu is associated with Ghosts and spirits, native may have such kind of problems. He will not have happiness with respect to his paternal or maternal Uncles. Native’s private Life would be scandalous but he will be the ultimate winner. Rahu will magnify the results of the sign in which it is sitting as Rahu is the magnifier. Rahu makes you strong, brave, radical and affluent. Jewelry, wealth and fortune is suggested.

Rahu in the 6th House drishti to 10, 12, and 2 amplifies the results of these house. 6th Rahu gives the person a great desire to serve to others with their situations. Rahu gives surprisingly positive material results in 6th house. However, this ‘positive result’ will often come from a contentious, exploitive, and socially disharmonious environment as is nature of Rahu. Person will crave to help others while still being victimized in his own condition. It gives desire to engage in argument particularly in accusations, litigation, criminal matters. These people are very clever with obtaining loans and debts sometimes through falsification. Rahu the Rakshasa feeds upon chaotic and manipulative circumstances within the world of servitude, exploitation, poverty, the vast global underclass, animosity, chronic illness, social conflict, broken promises, medicine and litigation.

Rahu-Ketu axis in 6-12 houses is considered good. Such natives have outstanding organizational and administrative capabilities. They are good in business, politics and administration. The axis gives opportunities of foreign travel. Jupiter initiates the native towards spiritualism. However, such Rahu-Ketu should not be associated with Mars or Venus else there will be adverse effects.

We find Rahu-Ketu axis in 6th and 12th houses in the charts of Pt. Motilal, Pt. Jawaharlal, Smt Indira Gandhi and Sh Rajiv Gandhi. All of them faced a lot of struggle in their life and scaled high of name and fame as a major political leader of the Congress Party.


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