Rahu in the 7th House – Good or Bad

Rahu is the confusion and illusion of the mind; maya, hidden things, surprises, rule breaker. Rahu is obsession with our desires for those things where it is placed in the chart. Rahu is very influential in the chart. Seventh house is the partnerships like marriage, marital harmony, separation or divorce, business-contracts, negotiations with others and agreements. Rahu in the seventh house is obsessed for others.

7th house needs to be free from any malefic effect to have a happy marriage. Rahu in the 7th house delays marriage; causes unhappiness in marriage, can even cause the death of the spouse. There will be lot of opposition, obstacles, and hardships with the business partner. The negative influence is magnified when other inauspicious planets are placed along with Rahu in this house. Native has to be cautious of any cheating effort from the partner. It is possible that partners are not on the same sexual, physical or mental compatibility. 7th Rahu partner may bring trouble to the family, native will be unconventional in the married life. Rahu here suggests the spouse belonging to another community or country. Rahu in seventh house gives anger, dominating and argumentive nature. First wife can die or give divorce, 2nd marriage will also not yield much. Only physical relations will be the base of marriage. There may be some kind of unconservative, untraditional relationship with women like widow, lower class etc. He also needs to be aware of his friends, as he will be rich, he will attract many unnecessary friends who will be there only to enjoy his money and status and will not be very supportive in his life.

Rahu in the 7th house makes obsession with relationships and partnership; relationships will dominate the life. This can lead to many sexual encounters with variety of people, even though person will always feel dissatisfied regardless of how many relationships he may experience. Most of the times they will feel loser in these relationships, especially long-term partnerships and business. This chaos will lead them to search for a self and peace in life and in reverse they may become more focused towards keeping their relations.

In case of Rahu things majorly depends upon: what rashi he is in-who is 7th house owner-where is he-whom he is with-which planets aspecting the 7th house. Rahu is a great money giver, native may be rich and he may have rich partner too, however, his wife will be suffering. Rahu occupying good and friendly sign and position gives prosperity in income and wealth. A prominent Rahu personality without any malefic effect is very attractive. He may have good relations with the Government.

Rahu in the 7th house is also connected with some sins done in previous birth which needs to be paid. Health wise there could be abdomen, heart, piles, sciatica related problems not diagnosable easily.


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