Rahu in the 8th House – Good or Bad

Rahu in the 8th house made the Albert Einstein a great researcher.

The 8th House is usually concerned with Saturn and Mars, Rahu is enemy with these planets so this is an adverse placement. 8th house is related with sudden and hidden events and Rahu itself is explosive planets, Rahu in the 8th house promises a lot action both positive and negative. If Rahu has a co-partner in the 8th house then the house owned by that planet and planet will also experience quite an action. For example, Rahu with Moon in the 8th house will definitely lead to mental problems or mental disorder, it may be insanity also. If Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces are the one of signs in 8th house, native needs to be very careful. Bad placement of Rahu may even lead to tendency of smuggling, kidnapping, flesh-trade and other crimes. Rahu is a shadow planet, that is why alone Rahu is always good in any house creates less harm, however, gives more sudden and shocking results when it is in conjunction with any solid planet like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn.

8th house represents in-laws and this placement is surely not good for in-law’s relationship with native. 8th house represents hidden activities, occult, mysticism; this placement is very favorable for detective, secret agents, intelligence officer, spies, undercover operation related people. Rahu may also give psychic ability such as decoding a dream, telepathy etc. 8th house is related with sudden events such as accidents or sudden wealth etc so native may be prone to the sudden and disruptive change of behavior. 8th house deals with partnership & marital tie and this Rahu placement is certainly not good for family-marital life or maintaining relationships with other. They will lack sincerity, loyalty in relations; may also betray others, it will also cause financial losses.

These natives inclined to do fraud activities to cheat government or individual. They are also inclined towards the occult knowledge, magic, tantra vidya and other such things. Finance is one thing which will always disturb his mindset whether it is from own spouse or others, dowry related matters may originate here. Native will definitely be looking for rich spouse. Outer sexual organs and sex pleasure, sexuality and the sexual act are represented by 8th house. Adding Rahu element to that native may have very strong sex hunger and he may be using different means to satisfy that. It is observed that Rahu alone in the 8th house is not connected with death; however, it will certainly create chances for fatal injury through physical violence like fighting, demonstration etc.

Rahu in the watery signs create danger from water bodies pond, tank, well, river, sea, or ocean etc, these natives are advised to take utmost care while dealing with water adventures and they should definitely learn swimming. Another danger is from animals especially living in the water like snakes, crocodiles and other water reptiles.

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