Rahu in the 9th House – Good or Bad

Rahu is a powerful planet. Rahu is the head of demon so it affects our mental approach to life. In the horoscope the house it occupies shows the area of life with our deepest desires and where we will strive the hardest but may also find it difficult to feel fulfilled. Rahu creates confusion, it is more of a planet of metaphysical world – an out of the box thinker.

9th house (Dharma Bhava) is one of the trikona houses and your fortune house. It shows the wisdom and religion related features – a person’s interest in spirituality, philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, law, higher education is seen from here. Like 3rd house, 9th house is a strong indicator of travel primarily foreign and long-distance journeys. 9th house is very prominent house representing father. Sun is considered the karak planet for 9th house.

Rahu here will confuse native with his religion and he may change his religion and religious values. Rahu creates obsession with the things so native will be obsessed to develop higher wisdom in life, find purpose of life, they can be obsessed over religion or spirituality. They can be a great philosopher but in Rahu style. 9th Rahu is significator of foreign or foreigners or foreign religion and teaching. This position is fortunate for taking up politics due to native’s oratory skills and common-sense. Due to Rahu nature and 9th house being the house of law many times it gives the person a tendency to defy the law in some way for own benefit, this can indicate a disregard for religion also. Rahu in the ninth house dreams of being some type of teacher or publisher. The person gains happiness by devoting his energies to spiritual, mystical, and enlightened things. Travel to foreign places will play a major role in his life. The person may pay little attention to relationships with siblings and relatives and will prefer to stay away from them. However, he will be interested in their properties or assets and will try to posses it with whatever manner. Rahu Drishti to 5th house can represent appetite for higher education, more children, an unorthodox marriage.

Overall, Rahu in the ninth house indicates cravings for religion and higher knowledge, and great power after the age of forty-one. However, there may also be difficulties with the father and religious or spiritual teachers. Rahu in the 9th house alone is not very effective and not at all with Sun, Moon, Mars, or Saturn. Although it may be fruitful with Venus, Jupiter or Mercury, or having some beneficial aspect from 9th house lord.

9th Rahu may also suggest presence of Pitri Dosha. Rahu is master in making illusion thus it will make native to pretend he belongs to the class elite, higher in the field of spirituality and religion like a Pope or Priest but in Rahu style – fake, unorthodox, illusive, rebellious, preaching and at the same time enjoying wine and beer, and doing other tamsik things. Rahu will try to be experimental in this house playing with all the features of 9th house.

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