Rahu in Virgo Effects

Virgo is earthy sign well grounded. Rahu does not like to be grounded at all its nature is to take risk and fly. Relationship between Mercury and Rahu is positive so Virgo element keeps the native grounded. Best part of this combination is enhanced skillset of native. Rahu and Mercury both planets are associated with skillset. These people are good managers and excellent in communication and argumentative abilities. However, they may not be so successful at the business front. Success for these people come very late and after

Rahu here also gives a strong desire to earn name and fame in life. These people have a lot of courage and determination. They do not get afraid of easily. These people face all the challenges head on. Rahu in Virgo also gives the native the skills of a politician. These people tend to enjoy a position in authority and government. Chances of starting own business also exist. Such people can also do well as writers. However, their journey to success is not always smooth and some bumps are likely. Success comes nevertheless after a long delay. There may be a fortunate and wealthy marriage, which will turn out happily if helped by good aspects of Venus and the Moon. Failing this, the position often indicates celibacy.

These natives will be flexible to change their loyalty as and when required to fit the game. They will be excellent to analyze a situation and reach the result. Possessed by Rahu they will not be easy to understand by others. They will be very fond of good food. They will be very good at speech and writing and may choose to pursue a career as writers, journalists, lawyer, astrologer etc.

Gautam Trehan

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