Rahu Mars Conjunction – Good or Bad

Mars is fire, Rahu is fire; this is a volcanic combination in the chart. But is this volcanic combination always destructive? Answer is both yes or no. When these two planets are in one house of your horoscope or they have a mutual aspect relationship in a horoscope it forms the deadly ANGARAK YOGA which can trouble the native seriously including serious injuries or even an early death. Having said this this should also be notable, this yoga only forms when Rahu is negative in the chart i.e. positive Mars with negative Rahu; and negative Mars with negative Rahu. Because positive Rahu proves good for native and makes him ambitious. The second combination, the combination of malefic Mars with malefic Rahu may prove even more destructive for the native. Hence Angarak Yoga should not be considered formed in a horoscope, merely due to the combination of Rahu with Mars.

In fiery signs like Aries and Leo this conjunction is fiercer. This yoga may destroy the house signification where it is placed. However this conjunction also works in favor if mars is lower in degrees and in a friendly or its own sign.

This Rahu Mars Conjunction gives tremendous amount of energy both physically and mentally. Due to this massive amount of energy within native feels anxious and impatient. Native is physically energetic never sits idle always restless and need constant activity to use energy level; it can create amazing athletes, sports person, bodybuilders, army men and policemen. On the negative side, if rahu controls the conjunction or this conjunction is aspected by malefic like Saturn then things can go pretty horrifying. The energy of mars is not controlled and it creates a havoc. Such people are extremely short tempered and violent. These people can be racist, terrorist, serial killer, anti-social element, one who loves destruction. These people can be suicidal also.

Further, this combination gives very high sexual desire and sexual energy too. Native is not very adaptable and finds it hard to be adaptable to the new environment and people around. This extremely aggressive nature and strong willed personality will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. However, problem is that they get into action/fight without realizing their own strength as they have stubborn nature and this will get them into major trouble. Saddam Hussain was one such person.

Rahu amplifies the qualities of other planet, if Mars is in good shape here then Rahu Mars Conjunction may prove very good combination for the native as he will be highly action oriented and will put his more than 100% to achieve the significance of the house where this combination occurs.

Gautam Trehan

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